Saturday, January 14, 2012

To feminist males who denounce submissive females as "sick"...

You are an adult male mammal who has more of a developed lordosis reflex than intromission reflex.

["Lordosis is mammal female butt in air reflex; intromission is mammal male thrust reflex; testosterone regulates.]

The sub chicks have a hyper expressed feminine lordosis reflex. (…Hyper expressed because of “nurture” contingencies that multi century old wasp liberalism simply deems bad. And that "deeming" is rooted in the ascendent untermensche morality. Ascending because of the "alpha beta gamma principle"[coup snowball toward runtification].)

You are actually more “sick”. (…Made “sick” by contingencies liberalism simply deems acceptable. Eg single fem household, “socially engineered”/anti male school system, female orchestrated serial infidelity (humiliating to males), pop culture at large etc etc –-all of which affected you like _Stockholm-syndrome_ affects its "victims”.)

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Pregnant women can, with total impunity, permanently damage their fetus with fetal alcohol syndrome. No legal sanction for that, not even societal shunning.

Pretty neat huh?

Democracy and capitalism must be stopped; then a _strong government_ created so as to prevent them from ever developing again.

Obviously trickery and other political tactics will have to be used to get there.