Monday, February 28, 2011

sugar and spice (what dames be)...

What females are...

People ask how to stop feminism? What is feminism?

"You’ll have to give me examples of what is truly feminism. ...And how would one fully reject feminism?"

That is a big big question. It needs to be answered in full for all time and always; it is the thing(tm). The unspoken crux of the issue.

I try to _start_ an answer to it below...

Feminism is a battle of "essence" not any one plank. Before it was called feminism, it was called "the battle of the sexes." Ie all that frustration-inducing game playing (compelled by an assortment of biological troots).

In order for females to not be feminists any more...

They would have to stop being what females and human females are on instinct.

-They would have to in childhood stop telling secrets, being cliquish, being manipulative, being taunters and teasers, being tattlers.

-In teen years they would have to stop being sexual gate keepers who are in little secretive cliques.

-In adult hood --along with teen hood-- they would have to stop being dualistic creatures who are repulsed by males who love them and repulsed by males who become civilized (soft/nice /infantile males). (Male humans become soft/infantile as a side effect of their battles verse each other over female sex value. [see alpha beta gamma again; yep, sorry.])

-They would also have to be smarter with a closed callosum. And be less gland based. (It is said that males think with their 'little heads'. Yes Sometimes true. But at least men have a choice between the two. Female humans on the other hand are only glands/moods. They make words [_undefined_ sounds actually that mimic men's words] so as to trick men into giving them food and etc.)

-Less reactionary against males. That starts in childhood when the females are a type of bench warmer male. They have classic bench-warmer-male syndromes (ie reactionaries who throw wrenches in the works to "get even"). Once the females get leverage --which their sex value naturally affords them-- they believe anything they do to get back at males is deserved simply because males "hurt" them in childhood by being better at everything. (It is called penis envy motivates la femme mystique.)

-The species would have to stop having wallflower chicks [ugly/ fat/ masculine girls]. They have classic typical female bench warmer syndrome [penis envy] _mixed with_ wallflower ax to grind anger. They are also the most masculine fems and therefore sense that freeing themselves from the harem of emasculated hermaphrodites [see "fundamentals": cuttle fish] and making a run for it is within reach. They are well motivated ax to grind female rousers using whatever political plank will work at the moment. The planks that work are demonization of males to rile up closer human male fear that the big bad "alpha" is coming to steal the wife or daughter. The human males are very susceptible to that propaganda alarm since it fits nicely into their own raison d tre: marginalize the other male by using allies.

The only way to stop males from imposing policies that deal with the above is to keep men too dumb to contemplate it [thank you chrisendumb] or make men machines who don't feel anymore (ie that don't care that females are "bad" people who induce frustration and competition anymore). The only way to stop females from being "bad" is to make females machines.

Feminism [nee "battle of the sexes"] is a "battle of essence." Understanding that essence entails outside-looking-in objective [asexual /amoral] lens and a lens rooted in naturalism.

Americans, christians and liberals are "flat earth believers" [or 'flat earthers'] when it comes to biology/ontology. As too was marx et al with his "man comes from a golden age of non warring matriarchies."

Some males are more tuned into the essence of the battle than others.

We call the en tuned "Misogynists".

Meanwhile other males have daughters...

(*Modern matriarchy-belief wings have spun golden age into an equally absurd "we come from a period of wimmin warriors ruling." "wolf women of the past." [That harkens back to a literary device: amazons. Conjured by notorious "monstrous liars" --as Ovid [or Virgil*] called them --the Greek poets.]

[*Damn! Me brains is almost gone now.]

Matriarchy-of-past is now morphing into wing[s] who believe that any time males fight over females it is a matriarchy. I like that one the best. It is hardest to deconstruct being the most rooted in a spin of reality but its solutions when they come will be the grandest.)


Why are females so angry?...

(Get away from the human freewill, self awareness thing; see the universe as an assortment of amoral chain reactions; in biology these chains are called 'modules'. Ie see our human ways and means as unwitting compulsions that work for reasons over our heads. [See my "fundamentals"])

1 females have instincts to antagonize. Take female deer auto-matonically twitching tail --white rumped too(to catch light)-- or female lion wanderings.

2 the hum females have a grass is always greener crack the whip instinct.

3 females are emasculated males by nature. Female hums either sense this or are now --for some dames-- cognitively aware of that. They are understandably angry /reactionary.

4 after eons of being emasculated creatures as the way they breed, females have modules which compel them towards submission. Ie they like to be `taken by bodice ripping pirates. Now given that civi has [through ABG principle] snowballed man into a place where pirates are extinct or illegal, the final indignity has been perpetrated against females...

They can't even find a rake to "knock dem booties" once per month when she is prepared to expose herself as a craven submissive to some creature she despises/adores. (she despises him because he emasculated her.)

5 is the wallflower axe to grind rabble rouser thing. A chick not chosen is a frustrated, angry chick.

I posted the above at "The Spearhead" (run by welmar) in response to a question. It did not make it past moderation. Welmar at 'the spearhead' by not letting the top post above through at his site has demonstrated why men can't stop feminism.

Females have no problem demonizing males(with wide spin or out right lies) in order to conjure propaganda necessary to lube policy through the political/societal works. Meanwhile men can't even organize listed troots about female character without other males --for their reasons-- being off-put by them.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jebus cult's problem with Nietzsche

Nietzsche did not cause anyone to become nihilist.  And he didn't cause Christianity to be a female cult.

You did that. Your cult of slaves and dunces.

Freud and Nietzsche having single female parent issues was not caused by them. And Nietzsche wasn't a "matriarch"; And nihilism is not matriarchy anyway. Egads!

You don't even know what nihilism means. It means hopelessness, and the consequent MGTOW bailout. Nothing more. Nihilism is not a cause of the hopelessness, it is the effect of hopelessness. The cause (of our predicament and the consequent nihilist bailout) is your ascendant slave cult --your "slave morality" thwarting "hero morality." (There's a little Nietzsche for ya.)

Now if you said... "People are stupid but we need to hold them together in big groups so we can collectively fight a big group enemy (feminism), therefor the glue to use is religion since it appeals to the majority of the stupid"... I would be with you.

But once you start with the kaleidoscope fun-house mirror philosophies (like "Nietzsche caused the collapse of fatherhood in the west"), it is turn off time.

Sacrificing the moralistic confused ill thinking horde to liberalism is one way of buying liberal support for a revolution towards a new zeitgeist.

That christian gobbly-gook is an anchor and it is what got us into this mess. ...A little more anti Darwinism anyone? (Talk about too stupid to learn the first time the rake is walked on and its handle smacks the face.)

Eugenics in childhood stops feminism by rooting out the core problem that snowballs into feminism in the first place: the Alpha beta gamma principle (coup snowball to runtdom) and mass stupidity.

Eugenics stops every other problem too. It is the only thing that hasn't been tried, yet it is the only solution.

(The only thing not tried but the only solution. That's truly Satan's trickery. ...The only actual solution is the one you refuse the hardest.

But then all of america itself is Satan's trickery. You all praise the cause of your misery (eg democratic capitalism) and demand more of it as balm.

...The upside down world... where the right is the left and the left is the right. A Bizarro World...

Through the looking glass we go... to america.

...Satan laughing spreads his wings.)

Now it is going to be fun watching how many thumbs-down I get...
Men fall for feminist rape politics.

These males use feminist rape culture verbiage and concepts. Ultimately they are petitioning feminist authority using feminist claptrap _rather than fomenting the revolution necessary to oust feminist authority._

"Once you lower yourself to debate them, you have already lost."

When besmirched by feminists who say "men are rapists", rather than tripping over yourself to prove your are a wimp who could never possibly get it up (and therefore are no threat), the solution is simple: say "yes sex is 'rape' and therefore your destiny as a _female_ --after revolution -- is to be quivery and afraid of the spectre that is the lingam. Swoon."

Men defining themselves as creatures that "protect the weak" is why feminism (and other social ills) happened in the first place. And this isn't rocket science.

The weak males will stop at nothing --including creating feminism-- to get rid of every male who isn't a runt. And then that world created --without adult male chemistry-- is the only environment in which feminism flourishes.

All sex IS rape. Western males simply don't understand females [or nature] yet.

Sex doesn’t even have to be “dark” and pathological to be seen as rape by a female. Sex IS simply rape. …The penetration of it all; the fear of the bigger creature (who she knows damn well is better than her at everything). The whole thing seems like rape if you’re female.

Men think “rape” means alleyway nut-job [_raised badly by his crazy mother_] –-_who steals men's girlfriends._ But to a female, any confident masculine morning wood itself is a belittling and fear-inducing/alluring thing. And she is angry about that in a dualistic sometimes yes, sometimes no way.

If she also has axe to grind issues (like wall flower-ism or jewish trouble maker desire) she can easily ham up that anger into “rape! rape! everywhere” hysteria, so as to get the infantile males to “protect” her from normal men (who have confident thrusting morning wood, which stunts and “bruises” females in numerous ways).

Females will not stop until no male grows a single whisker.

Dimorphic sex IS dominance. One would be hard pressed to find a female that doesn't know that (though she might not be able to express it in words or if she can, might be cagey enough to not divulge it).

That _many males_ don't know that is _bad_. Their numbers in total are why western men are being socio-politically sublimated by a more astute tuned-in class (ie feminists).

...This is the "alpha beta gamma" snowball breeding man toward infantile lower IQ males who the females are more savvy then --as I have explained a gazillion times.

By trying to suppress the dimorphic life force in themselves, men have made themselves vulnerable to the female take over that is feminism.

The runt males have taken over and they are trying to redefine "normal" masculinity over to their infantile natures. (Some of the weak males pretend they aint feminists but they are inside.) Their runt ascendancy is synonymous with feminism's ascendancy. If these infantile idiotic runt --abnormal-- males are not eliminated feminism WILL succeed in enslaving and then someday getting rid of men.

Pull out the plugs on the incubator babies now!


Don’t bring back what billions of year of evolution have erased.

1000 to 200 years ago is not billions. And evolution is not a directed thing that leads to "better" or "more civilized". All that is a made up definition in your head.

Men are enslaved now (and it could get a lot worse) because we keep alive too many failed males in childhood.

Children need to be tested and ranked by IQ and talent. Lower male ressentiment-motivated coup (ie the ABGamma principle) needs to be prevented from upsetting that ranking. (If you don't like the idea of that, then keep all the children separated.)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

To EvilWhiteMaleEmpire

1) I only have a yahoo e ma-il.

It has already been compromised by the tribe of infantile bench-warmers --steeped in ressentiment-- america fights to keep alive and in power.

Road Rnr won't let you send an email to yahoo?

2) Membership to comment here...

Can't you just sign in using google and then comment in the comment box?

The sign-in is at right column, bottom by the "follow" section. It says "Already a member? _Sign in_"

If not, let me know.

(Please, relegate all extremism to me.)

You and MRA need to get sites too, so people can find you without relying on these smoke signals (which are dependent on other forums allowing them).

Society's triangle caste shape

Priest-class vs priest-class, heretics and the role the masses play.

"Liberalism" has an intellectual hierarchy --a priest class-- in charge at academia. The media is subordinate to that; they are the disciple class spreading the cult. (Think bishops/cardinals down to their priests/ deacons.)

Bishop/cardinal classes fight each other. (Think different sects in history.)

Bishop/cardinal classes ("sects") usually don't fight as individuals but in groups.

Now here is the problem (in all history):

Only the beautiful-lie sects win, given what humans are.

1- Humans are needy, fearful and dumb. (Sorry but true.) [That is why we invented after-life cult all those many cerebrum layers ago, for one example.]

And 2- these needy fearful dumb humans are needed by the different Bishops /sects as their cannon fodder. The sect with more cannon fodder wins control over the pen (thus garnering itself even more cannon-fodder more quickly. (Talk about a 'vicious circle' building power on itself.)

Since humans are needy and dumb, the fact based sects don't hold together enough coalition support. Thus the more accurate sect is marginalized [eg from academia]. Time and time again, throughout history.

Once more into the breech... in the name of:
"energy conversion effected by entropy"
"who wants ice cream"?

...The story of ALL history/religion/political narrative.

That is why civilization snowballs towards more liberalism: beautiful lies acting as better coalition glue thus supporting the sects who spread those beautiful lies.

The most recent "sectarian battle" was so called "Darwinism" vs modern liberalism. Liberalism won because more people --including the Christians especially-- favored it over the ugly truth.

[Sorry but that is true. The dichotomy many of you --anglo world--  have in your heads-- "liberalism is 'nihilism' and nihilism is Darwinism and therefore Darwinism is modern liberalism" is some kind of weird mental glitch and mule stubbornness you have. It is not accurate; it has proved itself very dangerous to you and all of us.]

The sect in vogue now uses a very powerful pussy-politics that says powerful things to so many people at a root, core instinctive level. (Instincts that might indeed be tricked and corrupted but still instincts none the less.) ..."Fem sex value" and "I am protector" as male mating display; Also pro-fem is a grenade weak males throw at other males to kill them off (that is probably the "I am protector" male display taken to a weakness place by the ABGamma snowball).

The zeitgeist usually doesn't change until the economy--ie food supply/shelter apparatus --collapses enough. Sometimes that collapse comes from the ecru-ing internal greed and other human foibles inside the successful sect.

If man comes out of this zeitgeist, we need to make sure this "beautiful-lie-sect wins more often" thing never ever happens again. That is why I tell you, you must get your minds around what I say. {Go to my seanmaccloud blog : "solutions" label; those solutions will be more clear to those who grasp the "fundamentals" pages there.}


[“equal opportunity” is a bedrock tenet of the American spirit]

The problem with that system or theory of government and society is that the "marxist" priest-class will have "equal opportunity" to spread their beautiful lies religion which WILL trump the other beliefs vie-ing for control over society's conforming pen.

That is why "freedom from government" is not only not possible(since the marxist priest class will create one once their beautiful lies win them power) but it is bad for us. By advocating 'freedom from government' we prevent ourselves from protecting our culture from the inevitably powerful priest-sect of political-liars that always forms (because of the bench warmer caste-structure of life).

You create a power vacuum in your society and the most motivated --ie those with axe to grind bench warmer ressentiment (like say "marxist" 'Eastern Euro' runts and/or wall-flower dames)-- will fill it. And they will use a "religion of beautiful lies" to consolidate and indoctrinate cannon fodder devotees.

That is what happened here; and most are infected with it.

Yes yes, I know: thumbs down...

Alpha beta confusion.

Alpha beta confusion.

People are exhibiting confusion about how the ABGamma principle should be used. It is like this...

The class in charge might be seen as chihuahua-like (or poodle like or what have you). Ie seen as runts of the old wolf strain from which we all come. Therefore they are beta or gamma by internal fortitude.

But as for the ABGamma coup cycle itself right now, they are the "alpha class" who is ever poised to be ousted. (They will be ousted unless they employ counter strategy.)

The beta class (which might be ye olde "alpha" by internal fortitude) will try to rile up the gamma and then oust those 'alpha' douche bag SOBs. (...And put them out of their runt misery. Right down to their Florsheims and Bostonians.)

(And then we --the beta class-- will betray the gamma cannon fodder (some of which will become the new beta). ...Unless the whole ABG cycle stops. [see "below"])

So ending this ABG confusion comes down to whether one is using the ABG principle to describe evolution OR sociology. IF evolution, ABG tries to talk about our descended fortitude (or lack thereof) --and how it got to be [coup cycle of techno created and supported runts ousting lone fortitude]; if one is talking about modern sociology, ABG tries to talk about... how tasseled your shoes are (with the Florsheim shoe wearing runts on top of this upside down world we have).

(I envisioned ABGamm more as an evolutionary model. A techno fueled coup cycle explaining how the Chihuahua took over [and replaced] our once upon a time wolf breed. I really didn't mean for it to be used for every time a dude has more stuff and thus gets laid more than someone else. But alas the sexually successful is the latest "alpha" class and as such susceptible to the continuing coup cycle.)

[Here you are "below"]

How does ABG stop? By understanding "politics"...

Politics is...

In childhood, "difference" and "loss" (eg caste division) as a root.

"Difference" even means down to birth order differences in personality (which are determinist creations --whether nature or nurture caused). ["Determinism" simply means domino chain reaction on the scale of the universe (billiard bank shots ever ecru-ing)--whether those domino effects are "genes" or "environments".] Birth order too means even whether boy or girl was first born etc.

[Solution to that: Only child males and as first borns; one plot of land shared with father who dies while junior becomes a father to his son. (Immortality techno is on horizon though.)]

Also the root of politics is the biochemical modules that unwittingly chemically compel us all towards hunger, greed, envy, lust.

Those modules have been selected by the universe's main fact: "limited/finite energy".

On the scale of dim sex reproduction, 'limited energy' means 'fem sex value'. In short, we fight over pu$$y; but that's too glib though. We fight 'cause we are compelled to; those "compellings" have been selected BY food/ sex bottlenecks. female "dalliance" instinct and head-games instinct --ie their emotional abuse of us-- is part of that.

...Has to be grappled with and dealt with. ...Even if boys and girls WERE "equal"; which we aint.

[solution= artificial womb (which leads to extinction of double X ers); or zero sexual mobility for females (ankle collars etc)--they stay on the one plot of land of husband in perpetuum (no access to other males); multiple wives to decrease pussy leverage; 'marry' em young so as to keep them(the females) stunted under our male level of "niceness"/childishness which we as males demand of each other.]

Certainly health differences/defects would create differences and inevitable caste (and the inevitable bench-warmer axe to grind ressentiment ;-) )

[Solution: along with only-son first borns, medical/cloning tech to ensure optimum health. ...Use to be called "eugenics" through necessity.]

Then the amount of resources/ land for those healthy surviving, "properly nurtured" sires needs to be squared. ...Not enough plots (deemed to be equal in productivity /size etc)? Then... there will be blood. And, given the way humans compete[groups], ABGamma coups would start again.

The only thing that would prevent that ABG cycle again, other than stopping all competition over difference, loss, hunger, greed, envy, lust, pussy-mind fuck, 'unequal' land-plots, bad nurture syndromes-- would be fatal-dueling as the competition ALWAYS, without technology allowing coalitions or "runt fortitude" to prevail.

All the above, in detail, has to be thought about and controlled. No more "kissing things up to god" now that we see. 'Kissing up to god' would be like closing your eyes and crossing the hiway even though we now know that traffic is there.

And be warned, the Universe itself has a tendency to want to create coalitions. Dust coalesces to stars, to cells to multi cellular, to hives to elaborate parasitic symbiosis. So what probably happens here is man replaces himself with machines, for they are the best possible tools of war --ie the best children.

(So the devil wins this round. ...God goes "you sunk my battleship. [gobsmack] Let's play again, but this time you take New Jersey!")

Now I know you all don't like me --and that's fine: I never met a people I could stomach. (Maybe if I cooked them longer. ...hmmm.) So trust, me I hate you first and hate you better. And many of you can't get me: you'll just have to look to your leaders to understand for you. But I'm still right any way: I am very, very good at this.

Man must start to get his mind around this stuff, if his centuries old utopia bullshit (millenia old actually) about a new way[tm] is to be taken seriously as anything more than just ploy and tactic (of the latest ABG coup, with its inevitable hypocritical "here come the new boss same as the old" ...minus a pecker).