Thursday, February 24, 2011

Men fall for feminist rape politics.

These males use feminist rape culture verbiage and concepts. Ultimately they are petitioning feminist authority using feminist claptrap _rather than fomenting the revolution necessary to oust feminist authority._

"Once you lower yourself to debate them, you have already lost."

When besmirched by feminists who say "men are rapists", rather than tripping over yourself to prove your are a wimp who could never possibly get it up (and therefore are no threat), the solution is simple: say "yes sex is 'rape' and therefore your destiny as a _female_ --after revolution -- is to be quivery and afraid of the spectre that is the lingam. Swoon."

Men defining themselves as creatures that "protect the weak" is why feminism (and other social ills) happened in the first place. And this isn't rocket science.

The weak males will stop at nothing --including creating feminism-- to get rid of every male who isn't a runt. And then that world created --without adult male chemistry-- is the only environment in which feminism flourishes.

All sex IS rape. Western males simply don't understand females [or nature] yet.

Sex doesn’t even have to be “dark” and pathological to be seen as rape by a female. Sex IS simply rape. …The penetration of it all; the fear of the bigger creature (who she knows damn well is better than her at everything). The whole thing seems like rape if you’re female.

Men think “rape” means alleyway nut-job [_raised badly by his crazy mother_] –-_who steals men's girlfriends._ But to a female, any confident masculine morning wood itself is a belittling and fear-inducing/alluring thing. And she is angry about that in a dualistic sometimes yes, sometimes no way.

If she also has axe to grind issues (like wall flower-ism or jewish trouble maker desire) she can easily ham up that anger into “rape! rape! everywhere” hysteria, so as to get the infantile males to “protect” her from normal men (who have confident thrusting morning wood, which stunts and “bruises” females in numerous ways).

Females will not stop until no male grows a single whisker.

Dimorphic sex IS dominance. One would be hard pressed to find a female that doesn't know that (though she might not be able to express it in words or if she can, might be cagey enough to not divulge it).

That _many males_ don't know that is _bad_. Their numbers in total are why western men are being socio-politically sublimated by a more astute tuned-in class (ie feminists).

...This is the "alpha beta gamma" snowball breeding man toward infantile lower IQ males who the females are more savvy then --as I have explained a gazillion times.

By trying to suppress the dimorphic life force in themselves, men have made themselves vulnerable to the female take over that is feminism.

The runt males have taken over and they are trying to redefine "normal" masculinity over to their infantile natures. (Some of the weak males pretend they aint feminists but they are inside.) Their runt ascendancy is synonymous with feminism's ascendancy. If these infantile idiotic runt --abnormal-- males are not eliminated feminism WILL succeed in enslaving and then someday getting rid of men.

Pull out the plugs on the incubator babies now!


Don’t bring back what billions of year of evolution have erased.

1000 to 200 years ago is not billions. And evolution is not a directed thing that leads to "better" or "more civilized". All that is a made up definition in your head.

Men are enslaved now (and it could get a lot worse) because we keep alive too many failed males in childhood.

Children need to be tested and ranked by IQ and talent. Lower male ressentiment-motivated coup (ie the ABGamma principle) needs to be prevented from upsetting that ranking. (If you don't like the idea of that, then keep all the children separated.)

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