Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Alpha beta confusion.

Alpha beta confusion.

People are exhibiting confusion about how the ABGamma principle should be used. It is like this...

The class in charge might be seen as chihuahua-like (or poodle like or what have you). Ie seen as runts of the old wolf strain from which we all come. Therefore they are beta or gamma by internal fortitude.

But as for the ABGamma coup cycle itself right now, they are the "alpha class" who is ever poised to be ousted. (They will be ousted unless they employ counter strategy.)

The beta class (which might be ye olde "alpha" by internal fortitude) will try to rile up the gamma and then oust those 'alpha' douche bag SOBs. (...And put them out of their runt misery. Right down to their Florsheims and Bostonians.)

(And then we --the beta class-- will betray the gamma cannon fodder (some of which will become the new beta). ...Unless the whole ABG cycle stops. [see "below"])

So ending this ABG confusion comes down to whether one is using the ABG principle to describe evolution OR sociology. IF evolution, ABG tries to talk about our descended fortitude (or lack thereof) --and how it got to be [coup cycle of techno created and supported runts ousting lone fortitude]; if one is talking about modern sociology, ABG tries to talk about... how tasseled your shoes are (with the Florsheim shoe wearing runts on top of this upside down world we have).

(I envisioned ABGamm more as an evolutionary model. A techno fueled coup cycle explaining how the Chihuahua took over [and replaced] our once upon a time wolf breed. I really didn't mean for it to be used for every time a dude has more stuff and thus gets laid more than someone else. But alas the sexually successful is the latest "alpha" class and as such susceptible to the continuing coup cycle.)

[Here you are "below"]

How does ABG stop? By understanding "politics"...

Politics is...

In childhood, "difference" and "loss" (eg caste division) as a root.

"Difference" even means down to birth order differences in personality (which are determinist creations --whether nature or nurture caused). ["Determinism" simply means domino chain reaction on the scale of the universe (billiard bank shots ever ecru-ing)--whether those domino effects are "genes" or "environments".] Birth order too means even whether boy or girl was first born etc.

[Solution to that: Only child males and as first borns; one plot of land shared with father who dies while junior becomes a father to his son. (Immortality techno is on horizon though.)]

Also the root of politics is the biochemical modules that unwittingly chemically compel us all towards hunger, greed, envy, lust.

Those modules have been selected by the universe's main fact: "limited/finite energy".

On the scale of dim sex reproduction, 'limited energy' means 'fem sex value'. In short, we fight over pu$$y; but that's too glib though. We fight 'cause we are compelled to; those "compellings" have been selected BY food/ sex bottlenecks. female "dalliance" instinct and head-games instinct --ie their emotional abuse of us-- is part of that.

...Has to be grappled with and dealt with. ...Even if boys and girls WERE "equal"; which we aint.

[solution= artificial womb (which leads to extinction of double X ers); or zero sexual mobility for females (ankle collars etc)--they stay on the one plot of land of husband in perpetuum (no access to other males); multiple wives to decrease pussy leverage; 'marry' em young so as to keep them(the females) stunted under our male level of "niceness"/childishness which we as males demand of each other.]

Certainly health differences/defects would create differences and inevitable caste (and the inevitable bench-warmer axe to grind ressentiment ;-) )

[Solution: along with only-son first borns, medical/cloning tech to ensure optimum health. ...Use to be called "eugenics" through necessity.]

Then the amount of resources/ land for those healthy surviving, "properly nurtured" sires needs to be squared. ...Not enough plots (deemed to be equal in productivity /size etc)? Then... there will be blood. And, given the way humans compete[groups], ABGamma coups would start again.

The only thing that would prevent that ABG cycle again, other than stopping all competition over difference, loss, hunger, greed, envy, lust, pussy-mind fuck, 'unequal' land-plots, bad nurture syndromes-- would be fatal-dueling as the competition ALWAYS, without technology allowing coalitions or "runt fortitude" to prevail.

All the above, in detail, has to be thought about and controlled. No more "kissing things up to god" now that we see. 'Kissing up to god' would be like closing your eyes and crossing the hiway even though we now know that traffic is there.

And be warned, the Universe itself has a tendency to want to create coalitions. Dust coalesces to stars, to cells to multi cellular, to hives to elaborate parasitic symbiosis. So what probably happens here is man replaces himself with machines, for they are the best possible tools of war --ie the best children.

(So the devil wins this round. ...God goes "you sunk my battleship. [gobsmack] Let's play again, but this time you take New Jersey!")

Now I know you all don't like me --and that's fine: I never met a people I could stomach. (Maybe if I cooked them longer. ...hmmm.) So trust, me I hate you first and hate you better. And many of you can't get me: you'll just have to look to your leaders to understand for you. But I'm still right any way: I am very, very good at this.

Man must start to get his mind around this stuff, if his centuries old utopia bullshit (millenia old actually) about a new way[tm] is to be taken seriously as anything more than just ploy and tactic (of the latest ABG coup, with its inevitable hypocritical "here come the new boss same as the old" ...minus a pecker).

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