Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jebus cult's problem with Nietzsche

Nietzsche did not cause anyone to become nihilist.  And he didn't cause Christianity to be a female cult.

You did that. Your cult of slaves and dunces.

Freud and Nietzsche having single female parent issues was not caused by them. And Nietzsche wasn't a "matriarch"; And nihilism is not matriarchy anyway. Egads!

You don't even know what nihilism means. It means hopelessness, and the consequent MGTOW bailout. Nothing more. Nihilism is not a cause of the hopelessness, it is the effect of hopelessness. The cause (of our predicament and the consequent nihilist bailout) is your ascendant slave cult --your "slave morality" thwarting "hero morality." (There's a little Nietzsche for ya.)

Now if you said... "People are stupid but we need to hold them together in big groups so we can collectively fight a big group enemy (feminism), therefor the glue to use is religion since it appeals to the majority of the stupid"... I would be with you.

But once you start with the kaleidoscope fun-house mirror philosophies (like "Nietzsche caused the collapse of fatherhood in the west"), it is turn off time.

Sacrificing the moralistic confused ill thinking horde to liberalism is one way of buying liberal support for a revolution towards a new zeitgeist.

That christian gobbly-gook is an anchor and it is what got us into this mess. ...A little more anti Darwinism anyone? (Talk about too stupid to learn the first time the rake is walked on and its handle smacks the face.)

Eugenics in childhood stops feminism by rooting out the core problem that snowballs into feminism in the first place: the Alpha beta gamma principle (coup snowball to runtdom) and mass stupidity.

Eugenics stops every other problem too. It is the only thing that hasn't been tried, yet it is the only solution.

(The only thing not tried but the only solution. That's truly Satan's trickery. ...The only actual solution is the one you refuse the hardest.

But then all of america itself is Satan's trickery. You all praise the cause of your misery (eg democratic capitalism) and demand more of it as balm.

...The upside down world... where the right is the left and the left is the right. A Bizarro World...

Through the looking glass we go... to america.

...Satan laughing spreads his wings.)

Now it is going to be fun watching how many thumbs-down I get...

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