Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Society's triangle caste shape

Priest-class vs priest-class, heretics and the role the masses play.

"Liberalism" has an intellectual hierarchy --a priest class-- in charge at academia. The media is subordinate to that; they are the disciple class spreading the cult. (Think bishops/cardinals down to their priests/ deacons.)

Bishop/cardinal classes fight each other. (Think different sects in history.)

Bishop/cardinal classes ("sects") usually don't fight as individuals but in groups.

Now here is the problem (in all history):

Only the beautiful-lie sects win, given what humans are.

1- Humans are needy, fearful and dumb. (Sorry but true.) [That is why we invented after-life cult all those many cerebrum layers ago, for one example.]

And 2- these needy fearful dumb humans are needed by the different Bishops /sects as their cannon fodder. The sect with more cannon fodder wins control over the pen (thus garnering itself even more cannon-fodder more quickly. (Talk about a 'vicious circle' building power on itself.)

Since humans are needy and dumb, the fact based sects don't hold together enough coalition support. Thus the more accurate sect is marginalized [eg from academia]. Time and time again, throughout history.

Once more into the breech... in the name of:
"energy conversion effected by entropy"
"who wants ice cream"?

...The story of ALL history/religion/political narrative.

That is why civilization snowballs towards more liberalism: beautiful lies acting as better coalition glue thus supporting the sects who spread those beautiful lies.

The most recent "sectarian battle" was so called "Darwinism" vs modern liberalism. Liberalism won because more people --including the Christians especially-- favored it over the ugly truth.

[Sorry but that is true. The dichotomy many of you --anglo world--  have in your heads-- "liberalism is 'nihilism' and nihilism is Darwinism and therefore Darwinism is modern liberalism" is some kind of weird mental glitch and mule stubbornness you have. It is not accurate; it has proved itself very dangerous to you and all of us.]

The sect in vogue now uses a very powerful pussy-politics that says powerful things to so many people at a root, core instinctive level. (Instincts that might indeed be tricked and corrupted but still instincts none the less.) ..."Fem sex value" and "I am protector" as male mating display; Also pro-fem is a grenade weak males throw at other males to kill them off (that is probably the "I am protector" male display taken to a weakness place by the ABGamma snowball).

The zeitgeist usually doesn't change until the economy--ie food supply/shelter apparatus --collapses enough. Sometimes that collapse comes from the ecru-ing internal greed and other human foibles inside the successful sect.

If man comes out of this zeitgeist, we need to make sure this "beautiful-lie-sect wins more often" thing never ever happens again. That is why I tell you, you must get your minds around what I say. {Go to my seanmaccloud blog : "solutions" label; those solutions will be more clear to those who grasp the "fundamentals" pages there.}


[“equal opportunity” is a bedrock tenet of the American spirit]

The problem with that system or theory of government and society is that the "marxist" priest-class will have "equal opportunity" to spread their beautiful lies religion which WILL trump the other beliefs vie-ing for control over society's conforming pen.

That is why "freedom from government" is not only not possible(since the marxist priest class will create one once their beautiful lies win them power) but it is bad for us. By advocating 'freedom from government' we prevent ourselves from protecting our culture from the inevitably powerful priest-sect of political-liars that always forms (because of the bench warmer caste-structure of life).

You create a power vacuum in your society and the most motivated --ie those with axe to grind bench warmer ressentiment (like say "marxist" 'Eastern Euro' runts and/or wall-flower dames)-- will fill it. And they will use a "religion of beautiful lies" to consolidate and indoctrinate cannon fodder devotees.

That is what happened here; and most are infected with it.

Yes yes, I know: thumbs down...

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