Saturday, March 27, 2010

Some solutions and observations

Luxuriating in the afterglow...


I believe Western culture needs to eliminate the bad blood/breeds that created the problems (we are suffering under). This probably entails civil war.

Killing cockroaches is not sociopathy. ...Unless one is a cockroach.

I believe in owning the female.

I believe in disciplining the female.

I believe she is not equal intellectually or physically or morally (with anyone but the cockroaches).

None of the above is "sociopathy".

But conforming to feminist edicts and calling break-away from them 'sociopathy' is typical conservative conformist cowardice. This is exactly what liberalism time immemorial relies on to impose its snowballing revolution, generation after generation through all history.

Also your contention that [evil doers] will be put on a big bad "List" by the scary government is silly.

Big deal: I'm on a list now.

I like helicopters. The last ones were delicious.

You change a system by putting stress on it.

That takes courage.

Cowardice is for slaves.


Laws are arbitrary ever changing constructs.

Eg this notion that young girls are off limits is a new law --created by men's enemies (the real sociopaths).

It needs to be changed.

Saying that is not sociopathy. But conforming to some law is cowardice. The very cowardice that is the root of feminism in the first place.


The 'good pastor' is trying to stop feminism by attempting to evidence how it is bad for females.

"Equality is bad for females --they might pull a muscle!"

Good! I hope they do; their babymakers too. Yep.

I ain't give no fuck if female 'empowahment hurts females.

Even if paternalism/fem protectionism worked at stopping this phase of feminism, the situation created would be the perfect condition for feminism to start up again anew even more virulently.


The problem is getting back there [an acceptable to 'me' cultural dynamic] and staying there forever. Note that we came from such a dynamic but snowballed out of it to this disaster.

The reason we snowballed out of that to the breed we've become now is the "alpha beta gamma" --coup d ta-- cycle of human (and proto human) history and pre history.

To thwart the coup d ta that destroys that cultural dynamic, all dudes need to be the same. Either through strict culling or bio tech making them the same.

Why didn't telling the state to "go stuff it" work back when men were still in charge of the family and quasi self sufficient hunters and such?

Feminism happened because of cosmic determinism. Snowballs.

Understanding that allows us to --possibly-- make the current/snowball go where we want it to. And that would be determinism too.

The state is not an enemy. This state is. This state came into being because men embraced the bizarre mentally ill fantasy that a world with out a state was/is possible.


If there was any evidence that an actual company paid a wimmins less, Gloria Allred types would be all over it along with the media, and the Equal.O.C-type unconstitutional wimmins' government bureaus.

The 77 cents on the dollar means all men at large have generated more than all wimmins at large. But it is presented as though some chick at an interview was paid less than a man.

Not to mention the stat itself was debunked as a fem stat coming from some college dept that couldn't vindicate the stat itself. Just like with the DV and rape stats. Once challenged, there is no source for the stat but it grows legs and that becomes the stat. Note the 77 cents changes every year and depending on speech it could be as low as 75 to 70 cents; hell sometimes they'll be a decimal tail on it LOL.

When one actually studies the given thing that feminism complains about, he'll find that the females are actually advantaged in the given situation that the trumped up femstat complained about. Eg the military: only 25 % fem officers. Horrible! Until one considers that only 14% of military is female. Same with hospitals: more wimmins die in them you see ...cause men don't go there at all; and fewer wimmins used as _guinea pigs_ by new pharmaceuticals --the outrage!. Well it's the same with this money thing: the females are actually over advantaged by corporations and Human Resources than the men for less real work generated.

And none of that even begins to address the more important underlying and surrounding issue which is "fem sex value" and male competition over it. The only reason people work and have "positions" in the first place.

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