Friday, August 20, 2010

Ethnics (?)

The whole China abortion thing...

Yes, it seems that the Chinese didn't think it [population control] through, when it comes to gender ratios.

But the important part is that they thought about it at all.

That is what separates them from the US led west.

They didn't kiss it up to make believe forces (ie god) or ask the confused horde (after the horde has been cajoled by various questionably anti social interests [media/"activists"] who strain the idea of equality/freewill/choice to say the least). They observed their population trend and resource (food supply) trend and attempted an Age of Reason, enlightened solution to a problem. It was not enlightened enough apparently. (Note that solution [population reduction] is what prevents them from invading you.)

-The baby(fetus) itself doesn't feel anything. And there is always Lidocaine etc. (Which we should demand be used!)

-And Chinese abortion is not like western birth control [modern abortion being simply the latest trick in that bag] where the capricious girl is given the power to put more "notches in her lip stick case" (ie given more power to mind fuck and play "games" with the men in her life). It is state policy, not a girl's mind-fuck shit test unlike in the "free" west.

The American right is far to the left of Chinese society (as amer right is to the left of the russian sovs too). Simplistic nationalist conformity impulse (of you all-- the confused horde) prevents you from seeing that [with the useful-idiot-exploiting media laughing all the way to the bank at your expense].

Bad things about the Chinese et al are not abortion or high table attempts to rationally solve contingencies deemed problems(eg population and food trends). Bad things are like the oriental tendency to still torture [though I hate people too, but still]. And I don't like the lead poisoning thing they are (purposefully?) doing. (Though war is war. ...C'est La Guerre... It's a sneaky game america plays too in different ways. All those problems need to be solved at the gate, not just blamed on one or the other.)

The females in islam are being punished LESS severely than the males are. (The whole breed over there is simply rough.)

You simply believe in "pu$$y pass" for all females everywhere and use yuck factor tricks to achieve your ends.

You believe males who don't allow pu$$y pass are "immoral".


The tribal hill people of the world are the victims not the perpetrators. Europe's own romance tales explain this very eloquently (eg Braveheart, last of the Mohecians etc); though people are too dense to get it.

These hill people are being eliminated by the matriarchy that is western culture. The spreading disease.

Those like you are confused useful idiots. You might think you are oppositional to it (the matriarchal herpes sore run amok) --the same as the capitalist nonsense does-- but you are its brainwashed and long since conformed muscle; bred to the bone to be conformed to it --ie domesticated, like a dog breed culled from the wolf.

You all are too simple --ie stupid, genetically-- to get it.


Some German or Austrian Nationalist said it simply: "[it is not islam per se. But it is that they are devoted combatants --the only forth right ones-- to the mammonistic west.]"


When white men have one tenth the ball sack, then they will be appealed to by the likes of me. For now you're just useful idiots for our actual enemies; enemies you call master --like the bred dogs you are.

A point about traditional western values. When a western traditionalist demagogues against islam he is demagoging against his own traditionalism. He just isn't smart enough to know this. Hence me calling him a useful idiot.

Conservatives are typically at "cross purposes" when it comes to fighting for liberalism's global crusades. But dogs of war are not good at self analysis (as I have explained elsewhere). They simply bark (motivated by instinct to bark at all things). Those that hold the leashes --the domesticators-- get the power that comes from having guard dogs.

If you do your jobs well you will be head patted and then put back in your cages without your nuts.

"traditional western values". ...Which traditional western values? Viking capture and "rape"? Graeco Roman Law(which phase)? American romanticized frontiersmen polygynists and "child molesters"?

I don't have a problem with the above. I don't think traditionalists are "child molesters" or "rapists." But modern western traditions now do say they are. That was the point I was making.


The battle cry for western expansion is mostly stuff that is 1970's liberal extremism which has now been conformed to by the dolts of conservatism.

Conservatives resist change until it becomes "common wisdom". Then they embrace it as cosmic truth and impose it with prejudice.

As they are doing to the 3rd world now with napalm.


I am sick and fucking tired of people who try to stop feminism by evidencing how it is bad for females. I DON'T CARE IF IT IS BAD FOR FEMALES. Get that whole way of thinking --the trained /bred dog-way-- out of your heads. Then we wouldn't have feminism in the first place. duh.

Here's a thing that is important: conservatives refuse to see that their western traditional values LOST. And by their own hand, they did. They are gone and ain't ever coming back. Never. Especially in this political, economic system.

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