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I walk the line, for you... bab-bee.
A thousand miles..., for you.
[I think I'm all out of fair use there.]



A basic principle is amoral determinism. [Indifference and cause and effect.] All that law and constitution and all that jazz is just bullshit for the small minded and con artists.


Men defining themselves as dogs for women's sleds... It is important that men break away from that mind set. It is that mind set that under girded, allowed and promoted feminism originally (mixed with jewish occupational explotive political triangulations with the fems against the the host culture males). It is what under girds it now.


You want to stop liberal stuff?

Okay then you have to stop american "freedom" horseshit first. All that capitalism nonsense and that christ absurdity and the romanticizing the founders and all that republican hooey needs to be dead.

Then liberalism dies that instant.

The reason liberal hypocrisy thrives is because that which is embraced as oppositional to liberalism is actually the pillar structure of liberalism. Always has been. But apparently people are too brain dead to get that. Very curious.


The conservatives are good dumb-beast sacrifices that will help us get dems and liberals (where thought [sometimes grand] and policy comes from) over to our side.

At the very least, why would any thinking --or yes even feeling-- man want to tie himself to that anchor [that is head in hole conservatism and easily demonizable greed]?


How much do you have invested in this system? Male conformity/honor-duty compulsion is all. The system itself is to blame, not any one policy or administration.


Liberals should note that there is no reason to liberate female dalliance tendency and their stupidty just to lessen the breeding of idiots. Note population as a whole has increased during female emancipation; just like rampant sexual objectification (of both genders) has. Also other deemed wrongs that were supposed to be solved by liberalism have.

Why can't we control population growth and keep females from cheating (and etc stuff) too?

Same for jebus cult: why is the only way to stop female leverage deemed none self aware kiss-it-up-to-god-ism?

Shooting people in the face would reduce birth rates too. Or as Monty Python said "having your balls removed" would too. So would a lot of things.

If you want to create a good breed you have to cull for it.

But because jebus culture is such a _disaster of moronic thumb sucking gits, no one gets that_.

There should be only female intel field operatives. Same with only female cops and firemen and helicopter pilots and the like. Oh and only female aircraft carrier commanders.

Death to democracy.

I say bio tech to make everyone the same. And a protectionist plank platform in order to win power enough to get there. Note that "Individualism"/colonialism/entrepreneurial ism/ etc' will never win power against protectionism; ever. Never has and never will. (And humans are inherently in protectionist bands; they are called tribes/troops.) There are various profound reasons for why individualism/capitalism becomes part of a _false dichotomy two party system_ and for why 'we' pretend that it is oppositional to the culture it carries but it has never held sway in any of the approx one HUNDRED countries it has been advocated in even once.


Someone needs to make a kennedy-like speech about getting the next great task done. (I'm not addressing whether or not kennedy is good or a fraud. I mean the galvanizing speech towards big aim.) Instead of the moon launch or bombing 3rd world anti fem it needs to be about genome research and etc bio tech and starting to solve the human condition for everyone.

It is good and important that male studies is trying to get off the ground; I'm not confident though--either its ability or sincerity/honesty. Men's perspective is key, key, crucially needed in solving these woes; It needs to necessarily contradict and CO -OPT the female rap. (Garner sympathy from but at the same time assert how bad that garnering is, given the tendency females have towards discriminatory blood thirsty (true) shit test game playing, where they hate male weakness like males hate female back hair.)


IQ 120s are the oligarchy of modern society; the middle men.

Using the horde of hapless 110s and 100s (and the crude and probably supra vicious 90s) --rallied up through protectionism--to get rid of the oligarchy of liars and con artist who have taken over in the last few centuries (the true beta males of the previous species we come from) would end "liberalism" where it lives.

You don't understand because you --ALL OF YOU-- don't get the alpha beta gamma thing I started. It is not about one's studliness at the thumpa thumpa club (steady girls). It is about the general caste structure of this species as lensed through our understanding of primates. Our species is in a caste structure of IQ 130-145s then IQ 115s to 130s an then IQ 100ish at the bottom. The middle class (115s -130) there has used protectionist demagoguery so as to rally the 100s against the the 137ish thus turning our world upside down.

The jew migrants --ie the "marxist"-- were relevent, in that they were the main 120 something protectionist demagogues --the recent beta along with the upper irish-- who ousted the order of the previous 19th century era. ...And now academia is "marxist", with the "darwinists" all since fired. You types don't know that stuff because it all happened over your heads for class reasons; meaning you aint got none.

So when I say "get rid of the 120s" I mean get rid of the modern western oligarchy --the pretenders to the thrones of authority. The "beta" (whether or not they "pull" cunt at the club); whether they have good jobs and game or not.

Also there is no way to get rid of the majority outright (90-110 makes up about 65 % of the culture!): the majority must be used (ie rallied through protectionism) to oust the ruling class (of 120ish sophist conspirator demagogues who ousted the darwinists who were and are smarter).

Then Transhumanism will happen. Tough titties. There is no way to get around the fact that christianity --especially protestant nuttery--is doomed (and has been for centuries) no matter whether marxism or darwinism prevails here. These cult nutjobs HIDING in the stycks that we call america might try to keep their heads up their asses but it isn't impressing anyone. It has however prevented the "darwinists" from keeping the snowballing liberal zeitgeist coup (regardless of "party") out of power.


Fem says: "The desire to lower the age of consent is so they can mold the knave to their liking."

What's wrong with molding the girl?

People are molded from knaves all the time. It is what school is for. It is what TV is for. It is what the family is for. And it is what the modern single fem family does.

What specifically is the problem with molding young girls to be more submissive to, loyal to and respectful towards men?

How does one stop feminism without such a program?


...The arbitrary unfairness of ignoring lovers of the same age when one is more manipulatively self aware and vengeful then the other. The laws about consent are ostensibly there to protect the naive from the wolf; but it is more often than not that the naive is a teen boy being played* by his cheating girl (who is often a few years younger than him --by her choice).

(*"played" = emotionally abused pretty severly actually. We just don't accept this as truth while at the same time telling the boys to suck it up.)


Are you 'morally' prepared to kill off the men and females who create feminism?

Are you prepared to create state/church/institutionally mandated tariffs to keep the pro fem type of [nature/nurture created] male and female from forming again?


It is fine to learn, girl.

But then... your penance is to dissuade other men out there of their whiteknighting tendencies by making them understand that wimmin are not pristine, faultless fallen angels (in what ever category-of-the-day is being discussed); that females have an assortment of instincts and thus can be very cruel, deceptive, manipulative, non self aware, childish and downright abusive in many categories.

Then go ye forth and sin no more.

The fathers should have trump card say.

It is all part the american anti authority thing that compels us otherwise. We won't be young forever, you know: we become fathers eventually.

If we take power away from the ho and power away from the father, who is left? The 19 year old's penis --and the mawms [adult wimmins]. Sounds similar to what we have now.


"Human rights" is --just like equality and ALL OF THE OTHER RIGHTS BLABBER --just made up nonsense created by the runt moralists so as to get rid of the better males from childhood.

Many simply need to be dead _for being the wrong package of modules (compulsions)_ (like getting rid of dog strains from the litter that are not desired, so as to create a better breed). That isn't happening because of capitalist democracy and chrisendumb.

Testing and sterilizing those below say IQ 120 solves most problems.

Eugenics now!

Protectionism to achieve power. Political theartah (symbols and such) so as to rally the conformist horde/ military muscle. Then impose your policies --Testing and sterilization of the dolts. (This isn't rocket science.)

Early on the females should have been banned from our "thought space" rather than given their own space and having men's space be communal.


The knowing party(ies) should be accountable for infidelity only. A dupe trying to get laid didn't do anything wrong or disrespectful to the jilted boyfriend/husband.

The males who can't grasp that --the ones who need to vent on the nearest male-- need to be _culled out_.


If you infantilize society you stand the chance of liberating females(who are repulsed by and prone to dominate infantiles).

The females will then cheat rampantly "legally". Then "80 percent of the females will be doing 20 percent of the dudes." Females will be self entitled, oblivious to and unreachable about this and the boys will still do the work and be told to just shut up and go along.

That is the quandry that arises when stopping the old ways.

And the commentators are confused over what to do to stop stoning.

You breed for new modules as far as getting rid of the sadists.

You'll still need to cull for cheaters too then.

For both cullings, use lethal injection to eliminate. Or personality controlling chemicals to change.


There is no such thing as a world without "social Darwinism".

There is such a thing however as self awareness or ignorance. The "anti Darwinists" would have us all be ignorant of how things actually work.


[Question by someone:] "Is there a balance between shutting women in their homes and giving them license to wreck society and trample on the lives of those around them?"

No, there is none. Dimorphic sexuality is emasculation(thus creating creating females); And then consequenting female hyper value.

Dem's the facts. (Censored, convoluted-up, tortured and just plain squashed as they are.)

[Question by someone:] "I suspect that this will be one of the most difficult questions to answer, and we may have to put a great deal of effort into working it out."

The destiny is quite simple:

The under health males kept alive by human material success will continue to triangulate with females as their way of getting rid of the healthier males from childhood. Once that is achieved (as it has been in the west for all intents and purposes) the new 'social sexual dynamic' (ie "mating ritual" or mating dance /display) created between the runt males and the "liberated" females (liberated by the elimination of the healthy who previously kept the females in line /emasculated) will be a male immolation dynamic of one stripe or another as payment to fem sex value (ala praying mantis like or etc).

One way or another, males will pay to fem sex value: either males will kill each other off in battles created by fem sex value and then the winner males (his wide-lens libido) will pick and emasculate [ie "rape" or "child molest" if you will] females (thus creating females in the process, for more softwired organisms, eg mollusks or etc); or the males will protect themselves from those culling battles by giving the power of choice to the females --who will then "eat" (take energy from, in one way or another) the winner males.

Eventually if the neo cortex survives (which might be doubtful, since females and runts don't really have it) gender itself will be eliminated in favor of hermaphrodites or Asexual clones.

And even without any of that, Mankind or "humanity" will voluntarily replace itself --numbers wise--with machines. (Meaning silicon and iron and such rather than the types of machines that organisms are already.) The reason it will be "voluntarily" (rather than a robot coup, ala Hollywood) is those machines will make much better progeny (tools of war --the 'spearheads' of the multi generational lances-- against the other lineages) than the biologic types we rely on now to pull it all off and carry it all on.

All of that has been going on since before Rome but really ramped up after Rome's fall and the jesus cult diaspora. I know you all think I'm crazy or mean or such. But I'm simply smarter than you --I see more clearly than you : You all lack layers of cerebrum; meaning it's like you're color blind and the electromagnetic phenomenon called green simply can't trigger your "green receptor color cones"(molecules on the retina) which respond to the electromag contingency-- "green" -- `cause you ain't got green receptors.

Ie you is dumb.

We need to convince civilization's mechanism (specialists) to try and make men equal at the biological level [enter the machine clone progeny?] --because men are the true victims of society (always have been --that's why men are as strong as they are) and redistribute the real wealth --_pu$$y_-- which is the core wealth that motivates all the other competition, "inequality" and disparity, pain and suffering between men.

Men are not fighting over money: they are fighting over pu$$y. Money is simply an abstract measuring stick for seeing who's next in line to get some.

So long as Free Range Pussy exists there will never be "equality" between men. Pu$$y would never stand for it!

But if we could get men the same and pussy in check, well...

It is like that Steve Martin caveman bit from the old Saturday Night Live. After the hunt he says, (and this is all paraphrase from memory) "listen instead of just eating the thing why don't we save it and catch another one tomorrow and then we can mate them and have a steady supply of food forever? This way we will have free-ed up energy that will allow us to do great things: build structures and invent and then develop profound philosophies that allow us to truly understand it all since we won't just be chasing these things[food] around all day every day."

The dumb thick and furrow browed chief looks at him and goes "you smart. We will sleep now and think more on this tomorrow."

The tribe all turns to go set up their sleeping spots.

Loraine Neuman is one of the cave bitches; absurdly thick browed. She stayed behind by Steve Martin CaveMan as the others were turning to leave and she goes to him "duh, um... you make me wet." [big laugh]

The dumb chief who had already turned to leave but was still in ear shot sees this and he is not happy.

Steve nods 'oh, thank you' or similar to Loraine cave bitch. They then-- Loraine and Steve-- turn to go with the others.

The tribe is asleep now. Steve Caveman is asleep at his spot.

The chief sneakily gets up from his spot and skulks over to where Steve is sleeping. He then proceeds to bash Steve CaveMan in the head with a rock until dead.

The chief then stands, pounds his chest and goes "And now I am smart".

And... scene!

Well if we could get FRP (free range pussy) in check, we wouldn't have to chase these things(Pu$$y) around all day. That would free up energy to... to do great things...

Like replace ourselves with machines.

Or just sit in a pile of filth and fuck our in-check nieces all day...

So there you go. Simple.

Good luck.


"Equality for Men is not something that should ever be desired, any more than Equality between the sexes.

Both ideas are expressions of the same Liberal Revolt agaisnt Reality, and the same perverse mental illness."

Inequality between men is the reason they fight. That fight has LED INEVITABLY to LIBERALISM and FEMINISM.

To prevent that from happening --after 'we' win the war to stop lib and fem (as if)-- the root problem itself has to be solved.

You are simply a very primitive thinker. ...Reason number 6 thousand, 4 hundred and fifty 2 you should be in alliance with islam against the likes of me. But you can't get yourself out of the tangles that have confused you all.


The so called rebelling minorities of the 60s were not white adult men trying to upset the pu$$y status quo of the elites. The "rebels" were the equivalent of the children, wives and pets of the ruling class. They got away with it and were given things for the same reason a crying baby or begging puppy does and is.

"This won't be won politically. A revolution is needed."


Grand triangulations and realignments...

The N koreans; and chinese; islam; domestic black; and the latest ethnics.

Keep the GOP --the muscle and wallet of liberalism --out of power. The liberal big tent will then faction along internal fissures. The us --and britn (brit to US : Greece to Rome)-- will be unable to impose anywhere and will shrink and then implode hopefully under external pushes.

But that simply gets us --mankind-- back to zero. Next time the "problem" itself needs to be solved once and for all.

...Our understanding of determinism --Nature, Darwinism-- or whatever you want to call it-- allows us to get to the root of it all...

Female sexual value and 'Alpha beta gamma coup d eta' rooted in have and have not and loss. (I've explained it many times.)


Can you give some examples on how shifting the reasoning would work?

When fem says "77 cents on the dollar" I say back "the only reason men work at all is to balance out female sexual value."

That won't work at first BECAUSE THE ANGLO WORLD (AMERICA) IS DEEP DEEP DEEP WITH _THUMB SUCKING RETARD GITS_ ("MEN" and christians I believe are the polite terms). But if you keep at it --as I have for the last 15 years-- eventually you RETARDED THUMB SUCKING GITS catch on to how naturalism works.

Another: Libs scream how many wimmins aren't allowed abortions (which in an of itself is a lie); I say back that there aren't enough abortions yet.

Another... Feminists and git pyscho-babble masculinists say "females are hurt by 'social symbols' (eg Gilligan's Island's Maryanne in short-shorts causes females to be too dumb to go to NASA)." I say back males are far worse off than females[bullet list enters here which I don't do] and since we are to believe social signals have power to create 'nurture syndromes' inducing underachievement than we have to accept that there are hurtful to boys symbols coming from on high (which we have _obvious evidence for everywhere_ unlike the bald face lie that females are under siege from "patriarchal symbols") . And also females are just naturally dumb for genetic reasons; genes _selected_ by our tribal past. ([Followed up by: "I aint looking for votes and I don't believe in the democracy equality gibberish.")

Fems stats about violence and etc. I say "those are liberal protected groups (ethnics and poor) not the white patriarchy. And those stats are evidence for how democracy is bad --ie how men are NOT equal-- not evidence for how men are bad and wimmins (golden, no doubt [sarc]) deserve special one-up privileges." ("Not to mention liberal hypocrites stereotype men with a broad brush and then advocate unconstitutional discriminatory policy.") (Not that I would lower myself to even wiping my ass with the constitution and the like.)

And etc etc.

Basically just watch the way I've done it here (when I have energy to engage).

Tanks and planes blow open stuck trench warfare debates.

I don't know if it will work.

I do know that western Anglo Conservationism HAS NOT worked.

Testing and sterilization. (Or water posioning and etc.)

We have too many git males that used to die but now thrive.

That is why feminism INEVITABLY happened.

my "alpha beta gamma principle" tries to explain.

We have snowballed over the generations into a place (through AlphaBG coup cycles), where masculine behavior --which creates and controls fem behavior--is taboo/"criminal". It is that that is emboldening the females; ie that which is creating "feminism".


Females are not intellectually and physically equal with males.

They are the key catalysts for competition (and the consequent stress, pain and suffering, and disparity).

They have childish manipulative, deceptive, two faced, secretive, discriminatory, complain-based* characters. (*cracking-the-whip technique.)

They are way over privileged under the law --and always have been.

Dim sex is an emasculation battle.

There is no such thing as equal or any of that modern cult talk.

None of that is "hatred."

As I tried to explain earlier, understanding yucky truth[tm] is not sociopathy; _creating solutions that accept the yucky truth as starting point is not sociopathy._

Well the same goes for pu$$y and this misogyny/hatred cry. Accurate interpretation of society, history, mating dance and female character and aptitude --and the history of dim sex itself-- is not "hatred". Likewise creating solutions that accept that yucky truth as starting point is not hatred.

(Or if you must, hatred has its roll: self defense. I "hate" it when a bear mauls me; I kind of hate the bear. Tying up a bear is not "hatred". (I don't actually believe in cruelty to animals. But that is not the point. The point is the animal is bad and needs to be tethered. It is not "hate" when the mauled attempt tethering.))

"Morality" demagoguery (eg denouncing people who see clearly as 'sociopaths' or 'haters') has always been the way nerds/monks have controlled and shaped society over to their liking.

Indeed psycho babble diagnosis --ie made up nonsense which is just pulled out of the ass-- is the way the latest runtdom/monkdom (called liberalism) controls society now.


I believe we need more "sociopaths".

Sociopathy being an arbitrary construct...

Yes bio chemistries are recognizably different. But the definitions of "criminally insane" and sociopathy or anything like that are ARBITRARY. There is no such biological diagnosis. It is purely legalistic political funny business that by purposeful legalistic design ignores existential (surrounding issue) prerequisites.

Observe: I believe it is sociopathy to NOT abort. I believe the biochemistries that CAN'T see it that way ARE recognizably biologically different from "good people"; I deem these bio types criminally insane sociopaths. It is sociopathy to let idiots breed.


We shouldn't forfeit the protectionism planks when they are the only ones that have ever won power in any system no less a system that has institutionalized demagogic protectionism.


Why give the females a pass on the root discrimination that motivates all the competition and have and have-not in the world when the female movement doesn't allow the same discrimination against ugly chicks without making it a battle cry ["looks-ism" and "objectification"] and demanding change which specifically seeks to take away that male power to discriminate --even though males are already instinctually less discriminatory than the females in this very catagory of who fucks who?

Why give the female whole a pass when they do not reciprocate in kind? Indeed males ignoring the wall flowers is the original impetus for this wave of "la femme mystique" in the last 150 years we call feminism.


You have had sex with a man?

Meaning you get off on a man fucking you doggy style holding your hips and telling you he is going to cum ("so hold still you little creature") while you give a guttural moan into the pillow your face is in as he fills you?

If you don't want that, you understand that you are rare right? What are you going to do with all the people who do like it that way?

And if you do like it that way, saying well "that is just sex--I meant submit in social and political, legal type circles" is not good enough. The reason it is not good enough is most of your female libido is psychological. You get off on the whole scene not just the acute physical (this is wrong?). If the creature fucking you is not someone you respect (and I mean respect as a "better" an authority figure --not just some goofy word from a song) you won't be liking him enough or liking him using you like that.

And also (and this is important), if the male isn't prevented from being a creature who is better than you by the state, he naturally will be better often [except runts, which I want to ameliorate through tech]. But if the state is preventing men from being better, then it is making them submit.

So men will be submitting. Therefore your whole "nobody should submit to anyone" thing is empty, ill thought through nonsense. Especially ill thought through when one factors in that as the state prevents men from naturally displaying in ways that normal females desire, the female will start shunning them and/or moving in to treat them dominantly.

So how can females not submit to men in a system that doesn't coerce men into submission? How can wimmin be free from this submission to men without a state that makes men submit?

Again, your whole "nobody should submit to anyone" thing is empty and ill thought through.

...The female human is a non sentient child. That is my professional diagnosis. The stuff that comes out of her mouth just sounds like words, so as to trick men into providing for her expert parasitism (like a baby).

females are not broad minded, outside looking in thinkers. More like colicky babies on instinct. They will cry till the milk is gone or somebody plays deaf to them and lets them cry themselves out one time.

Do you really believe that female humans are intellectuality and physically "equal" with the best men? If not --ie if you do believe wimmin lack something some men have-- should the female submit to those men?

I do know the 'devil is in the details'. ...Sitting right next to the females and the specialists.

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