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The Men's Rights Movement is loaded with milquetoast.

The Men's Rights Movement is loaded with milquetoast. The below-aptitude and uneducated nature of anglo democracy (or Irish/Scot run continents or however you want to frame it) causes the "why fem is happening" theories, and arguments made (to either wimmins or pro fem males) and solutions proffered to be a waste.


Note to evil whitemale empire:

Yes “Killa Magilla” is/was me at the spearhead. (Welmar already knew that though, I think.)

I have been blocked there more times than I care to count; and banned out right at their forum pages a few months ago. On the main blog comments’ pages my stuff is lost in “moderation limbo”–I can see my posts there but no one else can). So that Killa Magilla handle (a nod to pro-rasslins’ fixed fights) is a kinda-like sarcastic thing I use to bust his ball.

Your last post to me there (the spearhead/ ‘guyland’ thread) is on target too. It seems you and “LSP/MRA” and one other guy (similar to you [his name escapes me right now]) gets it. Good.

I _do_ understand that we all can’t just live in the hills as uncivilized pre-Roman anti capitalists barbarians who never mature past the the 5th-6th grade pecking order level --the lord of the flies' way. But at least we all need to understand what is happening here. And it isn’t that we come from matriarchies that turn into patriarchies by being “growthful” capitalists in democracies that fight “soviets” (while actually fighting for them in our own democratic countries where these “communists” have long since taken over and have metastasized into american “freedom” BS.)

And some day maybe my hard kill em all rhetoric needs to temper. But not now.

And to LSP MRA (if you see this). You got banned from the spearhead forum months ago(right after, um, Usher did). I tried to get your email to write you and see where you were posting but couldn’t. It is good to see you still in action.

Welmer et al is NOT going to let us communicate /touch base there.

Send me emails (both of you)–if you must/want to– at my blog page. I can’t promise any action [I suspect that pisses you off MRA], given my doing-my-own-thing lifestyle. But at least I will know where you [all] is.

A response to MRA/LSP: (with 'matriarchy of past' counterpoints in it...)

Re my posts...

I do have other things for my blog in notepads (quite a few actually). But much is just rehashings of previous thoughts; attempts to figure out the perfect way of explaining things so as to grip hearts and minds best). _I'm thinking of rearranging my blog into "pages" --eg "fundamentals" and "matriarchy of past" or "Capitalism". That would be better than the "latest entry" style I have used so far. I cold more easily link to ideas when I need them. (Though linking to just a paragraph from one of those future pages would be the best system.)

The times that I have wanted to post at welmer's are when the matriarchy of the past proponents bubble up.

I have said it _all already_ I thought.


"Plow use" and the like as definition of "patr" or "matri". That is crypto white supremacy pretending it is about gender.

(Don't get me wrong I am a ginger supremacist (and gingers are of the whites). I was even more of a north Euro Nationalist once. And a Third Reich apologist... if it pisses off the right soggy parades. And I am of the "uber mensch vs unter mensch" school of Nietzschean/Wagnerian philosophy. But that was always more poetic analogy about the trend man is on [see the alpha beta gamma snowball] than strictly racial. "Hero-age morality vs ascending-slave-morality" is about whats happening in a tribe not between tribes.)

WNs want to put their "look at the white man's achievements" chart up in any forum that will have it. And their logic then is tortured round peg into square hole hammering. If one wants to say whites are smarter just say it. (Try the 35,000 year old grass cloth weaving or 30,000 year old specialized tool kits with many different needles and knives while Japs/Siberoids[runners up] have far fewer types or the South Euro cave paintings.)

Along with plow use, I've seen, in my life, arguments [by libs] like "calorie rates of veggies verses calorie rates of meat" as definition of "matri vs patri." ...You see the tribal females bring back 58% of the tribe's food as turnips they dug up and the males only bring 42% of the tribes food as flesh. "So you see: it is matriarchy" [eye roll].

The liberals invented all of that jazz as part of their female empowerment schpiel; and as part of their "psych warfare" against males of the 19th century-- trying to knock the males down "a few pegs" psychologically. ('Taking the piss' out of them.)

Conservatives are conformists first and foremost. (Like a barking dog bred to his role.) They conform to the "common wisdom." Common wisdom is simply the liberal revolution of the previous generation (as percolated through something called the "normative consensus" which is the mode aptitude of the population). ...Thus the dumb mule (of conservatism) gets dragged ...ever braying as though he doesn't like it but always accepting his latest tie-point as best.

Liberal's are motivated by their bench warmer status in childhood. They try to throw monkey wrenches into the game so as to get back at the starting line up types (who are hubris filled /blind).

[Ethnics are not actually "liberals"; they are conservative wolves in liberal sheep clothing who were let in by the bench warmer males of the host culture (or jews now too who have metastasized into europeans of the BencWarm-type) looking to "coalition up" with anybody they can so as to get back at the host culture's alpha.]

A better definition of matri vs patri is 'are the females winning the psychological battle of the sexes around childhood and puberty and later?' That is profound and very susceptible to interpretation unfortunately; but at least it cuts to the heart of it rather than relying on "This means That" logic.

"This means That" logic: ...Tchaikovsky composed good ballets, can't stay married and da gays like/perform ballet... Therefore Tchaikovsky is gay. Meanwhile the actual definition of being gay for males is liking ejaculate etc.

In these so called tribal matriarchies --where the females "bring back most of the calories"-- are the mothers of little girls being fucked and hit in front of the little girls; are they being married off as pubescents; are their roles limited? (They lived in one room huts .. but I guess only had sex and argued when the kids went to summer camp [sarcasm].) If they are, feminists would call it hard core _abusive patriarchy_ -- "devastatingly damaging to the forming girls' sense of self" --if the same household dynamic was happening in the west --regardless of where the turnips came from.

But that hypocrisy/spin is typical of matri vs patri arguments: A given thing is interpreted one way for one culture but a totally opposite way for another...

In the tribe, men storing in a secret tree hollow a rock that looks like a vulva with slit ('cause of water erosion or what have you) would be deemed an example of the "goddess worship of nature" -- "they respect the feminine there". But in western culture the same exact secret stash (this time stored under Timmy's mattress ...covered by Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit [tm] forest print sheets) is denounced as "an example of western smut objectifying and belittling female role".

It is all "just so" tales. (Motivated by the political issues above.)

(Also note --if one wants to play the sophistry spin, motivated by self esteem issues-- game, the amino acids in cooked flesh are the reason why the extra ganglia layers in the cerebrum formed. So therefore the males are 42 TIMES more responsible for intelligence than females. So nya-nya. But that is all "this means that" which has nothing to do with actual matriarchy vs patriarchy definitions.

As I said before, 'Matriarchy of the past' types dismiss out of hand any mention of male violence towards females and male jealousy trying to rope female behavior in. Their arguments pretend that whole --_very relevant_-- category is not there (for their own runt reasons [in short, they're a-scared of girls and don't want to pick fights]) and meanwhile focus on and amplify that "this mean that" economy stuff [for reasons I tried to grapple with above]. Violence against wimmins --whether captured bride/ rape or discipline for dalliance and disrespect-- is relevant because it effects everyone's psychological dispositions, and more in ways we don't lens through now, having fundamentally different psychologies (which developed in us recently given our modern socialization).

The same folks who can't get that are by and large the same ones who still don't get how natural selection works. (I'm just saying... these are not dry campers.)

And as far as simple political arguments(meaning I want to pull the stakes out of the big tent of bedfellows)... These same people who believe 'we come from matriarchies made patriarchal through capitalist growth' are the same chivalrists coming to the spearhead recently saying the men should buck it up and carry more.

..."Sugar and spice and everything nice vs puppy dog tails and snails" is from the supposedly high patriarchy period of western culture. As is the "don't hit girls" thing. As is the European high patriarchy culture of lisp-ing males who plagiarized all the Greek stories of yor but twisted the "misogyny" out of them --and the plots and points-- by making them tales of innocent girls under siege in the big bad world.

That brings me to another type of matriarchy of the past proponent: the real old fashioned ones (ie pre Gibbons, BD christian aristos [before Darwin]) who say Greeks were "patriarchy replacing the matriarchy of the E Euro amazon barbarians."

BULLSHIT. Yes the Greeks are more patriarchal than later manifestation of CIVILIZATION (_just as the "alpha beta gamma principle" predicts_) but that doesn't evidence that they are more "patriarchal" then the surrounding barbarians. (And I don't believe Sparta was a matriarchy. How are these people defining matriarchy? Answer: lack of "growth" of eg pottery and plays. "This means That" arguments.)

That comes under the heading of the thing I said before "[we see the modern mature civilized world and say it is _reverting_ to the matriarchy and that's why it looks like it does[feminist based]... That is a neat circular logic trick if ever it displayed.]"

Another matriarchy type now. They say: "Top males of our civi defer to dames now, while runts (getting no love) are against wimmins. Therefore since we come from barbarian cultures filled with "alphas" they must have deferred to wimmins too.

Those people have funhouse mirrors for brains.

Suffice to say my "Alpha Beta Gamma principle" untangles all of this.

And those types are "symbology" based: they can't shake the "symbol" ("socio babble signal") of the top male advocating for feminism _now._ And also saying what they do expresses the bench warmer envy based desire to topple the latest "alpha" of our modern world.

And also that type of thinker --along with having a funhouse mirror brain-- is of the brain of "dueling folders." The GOOD folder and the BAD folder. (Note many or MOST humans have this type.) A bad FOR YOU* thing goes in the bad folder and a good FOR YOU* thing  goes in the good folder.

[* 'good and bad' are relative: see my fundamentals top right!]

In that brain, ideas wind up getting connected. Ie if being bullied/murdered by an "alpha" back in barbarian times is bad and matriarchy is bad too, well then they are both the same occurrence.

That kind of simple brain doesn't seem to get or care that, that winning bully murderer is not in a matriarchy if after he kills you he fucks his teen niece into submission thus preventing her from psychologically abusing him at will. As far as that bully is concerned life is hunkey dorey --he da man. (And as far as little miss dualistic-ally submissive Briar Rabbit is concerned --trying to top from the bottom and maintain some dignity[despite being a cum filled fuck hole]-- she has a lovely bunch of turnips.)

With that brain type's dueling folder system of thought goes the simple male warrior psychology. If his side wins, it is the "manly side" regardless of what that victory is in the name of. His thinking is "if your side loses, you're the bitches and we're penetrating you. I'm the boy and you're the girl". His brain is simple symbols --like a dog humping the leg. So since the effete ways of western culture keep winning (the colonial race wars or the civil wars), the males think to themselves we're the winners: the thrusters; the "patriarchs"(even though we're fighting to spread the borg's femdom hive). (As I said above I HAVE SAID MOST THINGS THAT NEED SAYING ALREADY!)

Some netizens invested in these issues lately have said that old STILL SURVIVING civilizations [eg hindus or muslim] developed checks and  balances against feminism. _I think there might be something to that._ I have said previously that feminism acts like an inoculation shot; Selection working on the scale of variant hive memes. (Though note I know of no male dominant hives.)

...So on the other side of this anglo diaspora disaster [a young civilization], the survivors --the naturally selected-- in the future will be immune to feminism (just as the modern Italians are inoculated against a racial take over through being severely cliquish). But for now the rest of us... we're doomed. LOL.

As I have said multiple times in various ways as disclaimers in my solution attempts' posts...

I _do_ understand that we all can’t just live in the hills as uncivilized pre-Roman anti capitalists barbarians who never mature past the 5th-6th grade pecking order level --the lord of the flies' way. But at least we all need to  understand what is happening here. And it isn’t that we come from matriarchies that turn into patriarchies by being “growthful” capitalists in democracies.

Not getting that is "is/ ought" fallacy. "I refuse to accept the truth because it ought not to be [or it aint good for me/my ego]." ("Ought not to", according to the latest morality of the day.)

Liberal girls are notorious for  "is/ ought" fallacy. And now it seems the anti feminist male is at their level.

When the libs see that the right is embracing the lie that africa or wherever is /was matriarchal, they will change their rap. This happens on all poli issues because the parties orbit each other like pluto and charon do. They live for the fight not the solution... "I will grapple with thee till the end". (Actually liberals already have  abandoned matri o past: liberals are quick and conservatives are S...L...O...W.)  Politics is that despicable and low.

And also there's this: I DON'T CARE ABOUT AFRICA! It is some kind of weird obsession the anglo/american world has.

As the mule gets dragged and the leashed dog barks...

I know there is a lot here. And I didn't even want to do any of this this month --so it is a little half assed. And when ever I don't write for a while my first foray back is a little off.

Use the arguments you want to internalize around if you want. Or sneak it into welmar's at appropriate threads as response.

My best point I'm trying to make was defining matr vs patri as whether females can mind fuck/cheat with impunity or not --ie the profound  psychological stuff that nobody contemplates since we now have a TOTALLY different  psychology in the modern west. Get away from that calorie rate, "techno growth" sophistry BS.

I wasn't really thinking of going to sailer steve's blog [plow man WN] or that "greece was patriarchy replacing matri of past" proponent's blog and crossing swords there. I don't have the steam or interest right now. Maybe I will now, since I wrenched this much schpiel out of me.


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