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I'm going to go to a blog style of "permanent pages of fundamentals" in one section (as pages at right) and "occasional entries" as another section (the column of posts you're reading now).

I have things to say which I don't want muddying up the fundamentals.

I sometimes read different online news sites or current event blogs. There are things there said and done which often piss me off. Having access to a voice now too (ie the web), gives me a chance to shout back.

Some of these occasional entries might make it into fundamentals. You ALL SHOULD KNOW these fundamentals ALREADY you dopes of a culture of dopes.

...Once there were words. Caveman says: "me cup". Then there were sentences: "pass your cup to me" or "here's my cup". Now there is "paradigm as parts of speech": "Energy Conversion Principle(ie 'finite force/matter') makes equality rhetoric ultimately empty and therefore simply tactical whether the sexually displaying speaker knows this about his module-induced altruist compulsion or not". Man is just coming to that "paradigm as parts of speech" place now--but the masses aint keeping up.

I will link to the fundamental pages when the "occasional entries" demand it.

In keeping with this format change, my first "occasional entry" follows.

The "pages of fundamentals etc" will develop as I desire.


Interesting that the article doesn't include a link to the offending works.

Things that should make you go hmmm...

Typical media slight of hand.

I will [google] search the titles to see what the fuss was about.

The accused and now sentenced filmmaker(s) might be of dangerous crackpot ilk.

I know in the west crackpots have taken over. And you are all in a kind of alliance with each other; kinda like a racism of stupidity and insanity vs those who aint of said. But for the rest of the world, crackpots are still seen as dangerous crackpots.

Unfortunately we don't know whether the subject was a crackpot or not since the article --typical for such media stories-- is not a complete story.

(It was a movie about "sexually repressed wimmin in Iran having it rough".)

The west puts people in jail etc all the time in the west for being part of the wrong beliefs. We certainly make it more than a little difficult to live for people who don't conform to western mores --especially if those non conformists are genetically white men. (Eg child erotica, mormon types; academics or media upstarts who don't conform to feminism etc; people who are in "non compliance" with various unconstitutional "equality" etc polices.)

Not to mention the west is absolutely guilty of creating VICTIMS of the single female parent (a uniquely western phenom); and the no pair-bonding thing (simply, regular sex for _everyone_ thing) the west has done to itself and now tries to infect the world with through war and underhanded lies (NGOs etc --many of which ARE illegally state/"spook" sponsored).

Then there is the serial killers; and victims of crimes unique to western culture's unique level of balkanization.

This is a balkanized society the west prides itself on being and studiously censors the downsides of. Eg crime, future civil wars if /when economies fail, "snake in the trench" political complexity(eg groups fighting _each other_ instead of say feminism or their local representative corruption).

The crackpots and ignoramuses and liars who have taken over the west and now most of the world in the last few centuries simply say that shutting down --or worse-- the heterodox types is necessary for "freedom".


"No one any where on this earth.... should be killed-imprisioned-stoned-be-headed etc. for anything they believe in!"

I "believe in" the FACT that female humans are not intellectually, physically or --importantly-- "morally" equal with male humans. (Also fem humans get many unique special privileges which are unconstitutional and rooted in lies and delusions.) As a consequence of that, I believe fem hums should have their rights and freedoms fundamentally infringed and controlled by overseers who view them as profoundly dangerous citizens.

I want to make movies about that that are hip and romanticized, geared towards upwardly mobile youth. And I want state sponsorship in the forms of grants and protection (from tax payers ultimately) while I do it.

Do you still believe what you just said now?

(This "freedom" "justice" "rights" "equality" nonsense is empty rhetoric of a cult that has imbibed and profited off the delusions of the "enlightenment" for so long they can't see how hypocritical and uneducated and dishonest, ultimately, they really are.)

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