Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Some of my thoughts on “human-father being princess enablers”…

This “father protecting his daughters” instinct IS a harem lord instinct. A harem lord instinct, after it has been reworked by the “normative consensus” of what the others males will allow.

Ie history has shaped the human male into a creature who doesn’t actually have sex with his harem(family) as he fends other males away from this harem. (I wager human fathers get the same kind of high a victorious gorilla or deer does after a successful battle.)

Think what we’ve done to the wolves: border collie herding sheep. It stalks and chases prey(sheep) in partnership with its alpha (the human) but he doesn’t actually bite them or take them down.

Father-protect is also a demonstration to the female who he is having sex with (his wife) that he protects well. …Like a male bower bird bringing a blue lighter to female: blue lighter serves no acute material purpose other than triggering the female into ‘thinking’ he is a good forager.


    Cohen will end up married with children and screwed in divorce court.

    l will figuratively be there, cheering her, when he be screwed.

    Cohen is sacrificial lamb. He’s a very useful example. No mra stuff could even come close to how cohen promotes the mra agenda.


It is also likely though that he'd eat the burden of his own oppression (eg in divorce court etc) in order to get you oppressed (by feminism) too.

His benchwarmer ressentiment is strong in him and his tribe.

The problem the "tribe" has with us is deep, deep seated. They are prepared to sacrifice their balls to get your dick removed. It is instinctual.

Ie I believe he is not an ignorant white knight goy protecting woman (like many white males are). I believe he is a mangina in a profound quest to get rid of masculinity because it scares him (when others have it).

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