Tuesday, March 8, 2011

wimmins history month and take your daughter stuff

It is wimmins history month in March. They’ll be lotsa of stuff like that now (and again in September/October I noted too –that’s their secret newsletter “action item” time).

Regarding unconstitutional female only career drives…

If there was any real evidence that a company or institution paid a female less, the thousand and one private and govt equal opportunity commissions and lawyers would be all over it.

Society ignores the fact that males show far more downward and negative indicators in all categories liberals choose to measure (normally meant to show the class so labeled as downward is oppressed by complicated institutional “power of suggestion”): underachievement, health, life span, sex partners, upward mobility, suicide, incarceration, workplace health etc, etc. Meanwhile we trump up female petty downward indicators (eg not enough apply to NASA) and present them as evidence that patriarchy is real and through its behavior and display damaging females in some way.

How many girls in your high school and college did you see that were under siege from a patriarchy? And if there were any, what schools in what towns `cause I’m moving there. …Ie we all went to school– we all know the deal: females are liars and sub intellectual, often callous, who are running amok in a grande dalliance environment. (We’ve even invented new fancy words for this enviro to protect our deification of females _and ourselves given our instinctual libidinous desire to aspire towards them_: “serial monogamy”.) But we are told by authority that fem privilege is not the case –that the females are actually oppressed and hurt. And tunnel-vision lens-ed, just-so data is published to “prove” it. …And the weak-minded cave in first and that starts a domino effect synergy.

Willfully blind bigotry, biology, gender equality hypocrisy…

People say (especially those simpletons with daughters) “I am very pleased with what the feminists have achieved thus far. It means that if I have any daughters – that they have a chance in society.”

That’s like saying “I’m in the Klu Klux Klan and I very pleased with what the racists have achieved thus far. It means that if I have white children they have a chance.”

Problem is liberal Enlightenment Age O Reason society was not supposed to be that. (It is all “unintended consequence” snowballing along*). So if liberal society becomes an apparatus to achieve unconstitutional anti male bigotry and female pedestal-izing deification, something is very, very wrong.

(*It is INSTINCT to fight over female sexual value; it is HUMAN instinct to fight over it by displaying protector ability in a quid pro quo. And now modern civi keeps alive too many low IQ males who are simply machines of libido instinct; thus they are stuck in a groove… A very politically efficient groove.

Ie hypocrisy regarding this “gender equality experiment” was inevitable given the underlying biological truth of the human species.)

The fact you don’t perceive your belief as bigotry(and can’t/don’t grapple with the underlying biological motivations for it) says reams about YOU.

It is not a question of “right” to make “equal pay for equal work”. There is no right to work (or education, or any other pretense or political conceit humans hold dear)! Work is something men do to compete over female “hypergamy” tendencies ( = discriminatory up based infidelity ['up' is case specific/caprice]).

…”Female deer have a ‘right’ to grow antlers” : “female humans have a ‘right’ to ride a horse into battle [swords a cleaving]“. It doesn’t make any sense. [Note male deer are fighting each in headbutt suomo competition _over_ female wandering tendencies. Antlers have been selected in only males as the unwitting tool of success. It was not a conspiracy to keep females out of anything. Same with sapien competition.]

Few males win and _most lose_ –EVEN WITHOUT Feminism’s amplification of that Problem. (Note ‘problem’ is a relative construct.)

Taking status positions away from males simply pushes more males into the loser pit.

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