Tuesday, March 8, 2011

techno roll

I do like my assumption that repro techno allows “misogyny” to reproduce in ways it hasn’t yet.

Techno got us in, and techno will have to get us out.

It is not a certainty that we will win though. …What type of creature man will be by the time “men’s” victory is achieved etc? I have not seen male dominant hives (how ever one might define “male dominance”).

(Someone once said to me about that (a dame from soc men, so it is probably one of these dames here with new nym) “is that light up ahead the end of the tunnel or the train?…)

But note we also have never seen other chimps leave orbit either. …Behold the beast man… How like a God.


We must balance –like a dancing bear– on a runaway snowball.

We can’t all just run away and “join the Amish” as our way of pulling out the plug on civi/femi. …The quilt is not big enough.

…And most crucially those that don’t run away will simply claim “eminent domain” trump card [over the Amish and other Luddites] at _their leisure_.

I’m thinking that as repro techno starts to negate female sex value it creates opportunity for “misogyny” to pass on like never before in history. Not to mention generations of children raised without female “nurturing” in their heads.

The males who can’t allow that “misogyny” –say those that make daughters etc (ehem)– have to be marginalized by more of the same techno HOPEFULLY IF/WHEN.

And that is the real battle right there actually.

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