Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Affirmative Action and female competence.

Even if fems are capable, that doesn't make AA any less treasonously, criminally unconstitutional (not that I would lower myself down to that shit rag).

It simply is not "justice" to have these over-seeing bate-and-switch elites do this to society when the dumb ass buffoons of the military throughout our history did NOT fight for any of this! (I'm looking at you 'band of dingbats'.)

Nor did the dumb ass voters vote for any of this.

It is all fiat, imposed from power-posts achieved through relying on protectionist demagoguery (coming from all quarters not just politicos) which got under the skin of the cumbaya jebus continent** and also effortlessly "triangulated**" against the easily demonize-able capitalist strip-mine greed vision.

[**cumbaya jebus continent = ...jebus cult is marxism v1.0 --created by the same race of wandering trouble makers then and now -- and its followers are sappy blushy Nords bred by it into simple/dunce cumbaya-ites. Is it any wonder modern marxism was so easily able to find ear with it?]

["**triangulated" = big-tent coalition stuff --chimps picking bugs off each other.]

AA is not about fem aptitude. Spinning it that way doesn't address the points I made (_very clearly_) in the 'waves of feminism' post:

Achievement is not a Right. It is competition side effect _over_ girls (sneaky as ever they were).

If girls _are_ being picked (for positions they DON'T need) boys are _not_ being (for positions they DO).

And that is a double bad because of female instincts (we live in ignorance/denial of); eg 'shit test' --which the males fail now-- and hypergamy.

Once again the issue is framed wrong.

"They don't need to worry about the answers if they get you to ask the wrong questions."


I find females competent. But note the new roles are easy to handle (alas 'tis civilization's goal). Bob Cratchit use to do every thing the modern world uses a room full of gossiping chicken heads to do now -- except he didn't have any coal!

And further the dysgenic population explosion of dopey males makes many females seem more desirable in positions.

Parliamentary democracy has created a world of labrador males vs female border collies --with the male border collies being marginalized to the homo sovieticus** gulags.

["**homo sovieticus" = like that Full Metal Jacket scene at the lime trench.]

Female border collies are still border collies and as such are smarter than male labradors. But we are replacing male border collies (smarter still) to create this unasked for utopia.

Note though I'm looking forward to the military and police being over 50% female soon. ;-)

(My screed against parliamentary democracy is wrong. My Jacobin spite for parli-demo blinds me. It actually is civilization itself that is breeding for female border collies and male Labradors at the expense of the male border collie. Civi itself, unfortunately.)

"could should" fallacy/conundrum...

I think military guys are absolute dunces. It is much easier to bring some liberals over to your view --if you have the gift (I do [haughty snort]) -- than a conformist dog on a leash; the dog waits for popularity to make the decision for him then he conforms to that.


Once I was watching the boob tube. A military general was being asked by a congressional panel whether or not he could train females to be effective soldiers.

He hee'd and haw'd and they said "listen can you train a female --take your daughter for example-- to be a [femme nikita] or not?"

He pauses then goes "Yes. But why would I want to? Why would society want me to unleash that on it?"

They said "thank you, you're dismissed."

It is a "could should" issue.

We can replace males with females now (for the reasons I gave above-- "females competent enough now") but why should we?

Implications of the females are 'competent enough' approach:

A little pantomime to make it fun...

One day humans are brains in bubbles. I'm sure the females make fine brains in bubbles. But that is not the point. The point is if the male is still a male, he is going to have his brain-tongue hanging out for the female's medulla oblongata. Now 'being as all other things are equal' in bubbles, the female brain will, nature graphically tells us, lead him a popcorn trial back to her black-widow's spider web.

In a bubble.

So what is actually being advocated by the west?...

Should we vote on replacing males with females now since the females are so competent and all? ...It's not like they would use this new leverage to give men and boys new obstacles. [sarc]

Can the voting horde --and their media shyster handlers-- understand simple female-value and male-redundancy principle snowballing along to praying mantis social-dynamic parallels?

Can the masses contemplate that the only _real_ solution then is so called "transhumanism"? (Specifically getting rid of gender or etc to protect the next generation.) [...And for each new Promethean solution a new Pandora's box opened... snowballing along, Luciferianly over the roses of an imagined Eden.]

Is this what was fought for in any war or revolution ever?

[I guess I've snowballed into Luddite-ism now... But what are ya gonna do...]

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