Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One little, two little, three little waves of feminism...

The acceptance of so called '1st wave feminism' is dangerously confused. It is our condoning of 1st wave that led _INEVITABLY_ to so called 2nd wave, 3rd, and ad nauseum feminism.

Economy types frame the issue incorrectly --like liberal utopians and creationists. Therefore they [all] don't see it accurately.

It is not a question of "right" to make "equal pay for equal work". There is no right to work (or education, or any other pretense or poltical conceit humans hold dear)! Work is something men do to compete over female "hypergamy" tendencies ( = discriminatory up based infidelity ['up' is case specific/caprice]).

..."Female deer have a 'right' to grow antlers" : "female humans have a 'right' to ride a horse into battle [swords a cleaving]". It doesn't make any sense. [Note male deer are fighting each in headbutt suomo competition _over_ female wandering tendencies. Antlers have been selected in only males as the unwitting tool of success. It was not a conspiracy to keep females out of anything. Same with sapien competition.]

Few males win and _most lose_ --EVEN WITHOUT Feminism's amplification of that Problem. (Note 'problem' is a relative construct.)

Taking status positions away from males simply pushes more males into the loser pit.

Then even worse, giving the status positions to females (rather than say Jackie Robinson) --earned or not-- causes females to raise "the price"[tm]. Thereby causing even more men --who weren't immediately pushed into the loser pit-- to become losers too in comparison to the ascended presumptuous --now untouchable-- females.

...Giving princess even more mattresses between her and the pea causes her to be even more of a self entitled colicky bitch.

This increase of fem sexual value (fem sexual mobility) causes men then to have to do even more to win female positive attention (given her flaws and hypergamic instincts).

But... our culture has specialized in keeping men from fighting each other directly. So the way men now try to win and balance out ever increasing female sexual value (made possible by 1st wave and its precursor prerequisites) is to defer to (and often rally around, ala Stockholm syndrome) female egomania and discriminatory caprice even more. (Male _display_ as 'mano a mano' combat: See bird social dynamics --with their well known female-run infidelity.) This creates a vicious snowball of "waves".

And here we is now...

Do you understand?

And none of this even addresses female aptitude shortcomings --and the necessary accommodations imposed by the _lucky_ typically en-hubris-ed elite men left, trying to be useful to an untouchable colicky princess. Accommodating these feminine "issues" has mad-ing-ly convoluted the previous political conceits of "equality" and constitutionality, causing mass malaise and Nihilist hopelessness.

And note, replacing males of the hive-vs-hive caste structures with female mediocres in everything has proved itself to be more economically successful than anything in history not less. So trying to stop "2nd and 3rd etc wave" by saying it's bad for business is wrong.

Europe and diaspora has the most successful cup-runneth-over hive structure ever on this planet (excepting multi cellular bodies). I declare that untethered female hypergamic 'right' (made possible by their economic/education/political leverage) is inseparably connected to that hive success story...

...Snowballing male fear mixed with their parametrized hyper competition:

Gilligan peddling his treadmill bike ever faster in a desperate bid to still get laid (trying to catch a carrot that moves ever one step faster than him) ...and Professor's radio consequently going louder and louder and blender going faster and faster. Europe's entrepreneurial inventive success in a poetic nut shell there.

But western culture's economic win-fall is still bad for men. (And one shouldn't need to be Valerie Solanece to see that.)

Economic arguments are a losing pony at stopping social change in general and male marginalization specifically. Just like capitalists' strip-mining and individualism arguments have always been. So at least capitalism's losing political record will be unblemished.

And the angry lower males will try to unseat the 'winners' with even more civil war coup urgency. And disenfranchised pit males will shirk civic comportment all together. So therefore keeping men down now is much better for business and "conservatives" than stopping females. Easily.

Until the worms arrive.

All made possible by simply gullibly falling for boopsy's pouty face and the cries of "she just wants to [pretend] she's a doctor too; golly." 1st wave nonsense, where achievement is a "right" [political conceit] rather than a competition side effect. ...Competition over boopsy's pouty little bullshit ever one step ahead.

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