Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How and why feminism happened

Feminism happened because we keep alive too many weakling idiotic males in childhood.

Wolves see the steppe a certain way _as a natural side effect of their bio chemistries_ (eyesight for example). If chihuahua variants (different bio chemical combinations) start thriving from the litter, the steppe would be seen differently as a side effect of those new chemistries thriving.

Now, understand that white humans who use to die all the time throughout white history now live and thrive. These new strains are the liberals. They see the world differently as a fundamental side effect of their bio chemistries. They hate men like Chihuahua's yelp and growl at German Shepherds.

Everything else happening is unwitting exploitation of human instincts for: female sexual value, conformity or tribe protection/rallying (eg male 'honor' impulse), brain modules for wishful thinking('religion'), gullibility.

Female mammals\most reptiles are dualistically submissive --they hate you for the very display in you that they desire; ie they hate you for it 'after wards'.

The more infantile males act, the more females will be _triggered_ into not liking them and trying to dominate --grabbing for their own masculinity ("filling the vacuum" thus exposing 'equality' gibberish for the ill thought through unachievable absurdity that it is).

The more dominant the males act/display, the more females will _instinctually_ submit (with their highknees in the air --fact).

!Problem is... that in a group based species like ours, the males cap each others' sexual displays, [alpha beta gamma, coup d eta stuff] making most males Non-dominant in their displays (even or especially the 'winners' given our foppish abstract/money status system which we males unwittingly snowballed into as a direct side effect of the endless and ancient struggle to cap each others' displays/ status-/sex- bids.). This then triggers females autonomically/ deterministically into their own dominance attempt /display.

Think dog packs...

Once the runt males took over the dog pack [symptom of the males pulling each other down and _parameterizing each others' paths to ascendancy_, where runt is the only type ironically non-vulnerable enough to get to the top], the adult females of the pack --the "bitches" (heh heh)-- were the only pack members left that still had adult-like fangs.

All the "politics" and "philosophies" of the last few centuries are just the growling noises at "the kill" as the bitches (the only real adults left in the pack) nip and bite the runt males (the only type of male left at the top of the white human dog-pack) into compliance.

Then that unravels the "family" (given that the male coyote is run off the territory by the female after knotting/breeding --since she's tougher than him now or than he's allowed to be) causing the next generation to be unbreedable with (in our human 'acultured'/learned system).

Atlas shrugging...

...Now we all --the John Galt-ocracy-- wait for the worms to rot the structure.

It's the way Rome fell...

Males cap each others' masculine displays;
females become _instinctively_ emboldened: triggered to apathy towards and dominance over males;
next generation (of social incompetoids and un en statused ex-conformists) shrugs to make it [the 'corruption'] all go away.

Ya dig?

(...Hardly, I'm sure. ...Though I'll be plagiarized anyway, at the academic level by that gaggle of runts, trying to steal the 'magic' and win some dames for themselves.)

Too many weak [Jew] males survived back then (city living) and then consequently SUCCUMBED to female sexual leverage.

Then that "meme" spread through standard natural selection selecting between hive strategies (with the complex fem-right cities beating simpler tribes).

And a related note...

"Morals" are bio determinism; they are not arbitrarily embraced.

As Europe became less hungry, people softened up deterministically. Success leads to "fat and happy" sappiness.

Multi cellularism, might be an emergent property of the Universe itself.

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