Sunday, January 9, 2011

The NY times Raising Arizona

I sent this to the times…

I question the timing of this article in the times. “The Study of Males”

Some female POL in Az just got shot in the head by some mentally ill “tea partier.” (Badly nurtured or abused… That’s what would be said, if the situation had different victims and perps.)

I wager the times ‘male studies’ story was sitting on the back burner waiting for an opportune time so it could equate it with “violence” or etc negative.

Also, that Charles McGrath article did not give good examples of extremism in the anti feminist movement.

A good example is…

…But denouncing those who don’t pray to females is a function of this upside down world you all (liberals, christians, “marxists”, capitalists) have created which is breeding the neo cortex into extinction faster than you can say Yankee Doodle.

End letter to times.

Begin note to spearhead about the above:

You guys want to play with the big boys, you need to learn the game.

That game is “Ve is all equal and freedom of speech” as demonstrated above by the times.

Mary Daly did say “[the male population should be kept at 10%].” I agree with that actually. *Which 10%* is the battle though.

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