Wednesday, January 12, 2011

female discrimination and societal blindness to it

females are just as discriminatory and superficial-- _if not more so_-- than males are. Especially true since society accepts and promotes discrimination against men and pedestal-izes female behavior. (It always has, therefor feminism's whole original root premise is faulty.)

Female lenses and criteria are simply sometimes a little different though from men's. Ie genders want different things from each other.

Eg females hate male weakness like males hate fat chicks. (I feel sorry for fat chicks [see * below] --but I'm also sorry for men, one of which is me.) And now females are "lookists" too on top of their other forms of objectification.

And females are certainly less empathic when  it comes to making fun of the opposite gender (females have standard inferiority complex issues). Females are also crueler and less empathic, in most categories social babble measures (eg crime and punishment).

Society has used the different lenses boys and girls use to say "females are less discriminatory towards males than the reverse." But that is wrong. (Note that most EVERYTHING western society believes and says about gender and females is a lie, ignorance or delusion.)

To deny the above makes one either delusional, ignorant or a sycophant to female power (or makes one female which is another way of saying delusional). (That male sycophancy is a root reason men defend feminism BTW. Think monks carrying an emperor baby on a pillow.. all must bow to the procession... except the monks. )

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