Monday, January 10, 2011

Willfully blind bigotry, biology, gender equality hypocrisy

I am very pleased with what the feminists have achieved thus far. It means that if I have any daughters - that they have a chance in society.

That's like saying "I'm in the Klu K klan and I very pleased with what the racists have achieved thus far. It means that if I have white children they have a chance."

Problem is liberal Enlightenment Age O Reason society was not supposed to be that. (It is all "unintended consequence" snowballing along*). So if liberal society becomes an apparatus to achieve unconstitutional anti male bigotry and female pedastilizing deification, something is very, very wrong.

(*It is INSTINCT to fight over female sexual value; it is HUMAN instinct to fight over it by displaying protector ability in a quid pro quo. And now modern civi keeps alive too many low IQ males who are simply machines of libido instinct(eg people like you); thus they are stuck in a groove... A very politically efficient groove.

Ie hypocrisy regarding this "gender equality experiment" was inevitable given the underlying biological truth of the human species.)

The fact you don't perceive your belief as bigotry(and can't/don't grapple with the underlying biological motivations for it) says reams about YOU.

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