Sunday, January 9, 2011


IQ tests in childhood and then marginalization of the those with IQs below say 120 ish solves ALL problems.

Also tests in childhood for "future tense perception / honesty" with marginalization of those who don't cut muster solves all problems.

If not, the neo cortex become extinct, as mankind turns itself into a hive of drones filled with all of the once fought-against "oppressions" necessary for such dynamics to prevail.


Morality is a chemical chain reaction. (Like love or hate or jealously etc.) It (they) can be understood potentially. (Observe lab rat studies.)

Serial killers don't kill because they are "immoral" or "evil". They do because they have different chemicals in them; those chemical differences have been shaped by nature/nurture dominoe effects over the serial killer's formation. (The nurture part of that domino equation is the more complicated more profound part actually.)

Well take that extreme serial killer example/model and apply it to anything else in the behavior realm.

Alcoholics or fat people or _whatever._

Note lab rats injected with this or that chemical --or having various environmentally induced stresses applied -- have their behavior patterns fundamentally changed. They become cuddlier or cannibalistic just by tweaking their hormones etc or shaping childhood contingencies.

You have small minds and are not getting your minds around this.

Also as far as "philosophies" for why we do what we do... An _honest_ understanding of nature --"naturalism"-- will put things in perspective.

Eg teens don't fight or vandalize because they haven't found god yet. They are sexual pubescents attempting to establish sexual maturity/territory.

Or another example, "the evil other is coming to take me away he he, ha ha; the evil god must 'ave sent them to hurt our good god." We now understand these could be food supply/contentment/population etc issues (along with the above sexual territory desire), as we all migrate around writing a tale from our own perspective and seeing everyone else in OUR storyline as two dimensional in THEIR motivations --ie evil-- unlike us.

Religion based morality has failed to understand and solve the things it wants to understand and solve.

Next... The claim that "science is trying to make us all the same/ trying to alleviate or micro-control every ouchy." ...Well the deep-felt demand for alleviation is already there. That is why there is the plastic surgery industry; the diet book business; the remedial tutoring business etc, etc. Those methods are just sloppier at addressing this need.

As Star Trek's Dr McCoy said, "[It was barbaric, Jim (referring to 20th Cent medicine): cutting into people with things they called scalpels.]"

I understand that science will probably screw up this potential deep-understanding of how 'we' work... `cause humans suck. But it isn't like religion hasn't already failed at understanding any of this too.

As for the claim "scientists /atheists are just looking for excuses to have authority"... Well, There is no such thing as a world without someone/some group having the trump-say and/or winning (through one mechanism or another). That's all cross-canceled out stuff.

Now a bad thing to say about scientists/atheists... This panacea of edumacation will NEVER work. Hence my handle at


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