Friday, January 7, 2011


Micro communities (ultimately on space platforms), father to only-son land handoff and bio tech making people so similar they are as machines, zero sexual mobility for fem sex value to artificial womb/female breeding.

The only solution. (More “equality/freedom/rights” schpiel is flat-earther talk; it is not a solution.)


This "diversity is good because it allows some humans to continue" is a warped lens like 'matriarchies of the past' is. A successful academic spreading meme that is wrong.

I'd rather focus man's energies on _curing_ disease rather than letting the diseases have their way with just "some" of us. I don't want man to just be grist for the natural selection mill.

"Diversity is good" ultimately means chaff. (Not to mention Balkanized civil wars forever as new 'races' form and grapple.)


Changing what society calls illness is as wishful as "just say no" politics. Cure it or terminate.

The logic of "acceptance" could apply to any difference /illness/dysfunction in the species.

By letting every variant live we are just creating new Balkanized "races" and a demand for new protection apparatus. Life=Zero sum game; One loses.


Anti fem so far is a "doomed venture".

So people go back to profiteering behind some other mask; or to furiously masturbating to the internet.

The sky is turning red. The rains will come next: The hibernating frogs will come out of their sand holes and gribbit the days and nights away. ...The politicking bureaucrat type will organize "donations"; the warriors will run and outflank and kill in all their glory; executioners will execute.

"Conciousness" still isn't raised enough. Not to mention perspicacious aptitude is still too low among the set. False --and failed --notions still abound. "Doomed venture" implication is thus seen by those with perspicacity.

A "critical mass" has not been achieved yet. Lightning rods [leaders] don't go up until storm clouds gather(murmurings in the crowd --followers). Without those storm clouds, a lightning rod is just a boar in a bar.


What if the guy being politically reeducated in your slapping story above was a feminist white knight mangina?

What if political reeducation was the only way to stop that guy?

There is nothing wrong with males being one tenth the population. The problem is it's the WRONG one tenth(idiots fools animals etc) the machine is breeding for.

As an evil socialist social engineer elite-- I want to prevent birth order effects which create much or most of the caste issues and personalities difference between people (thus hindering clarity, scope and consensus).


We simply need a revolution to CULL society of every last being that supports such feminsit /equality gibberish.

High tech military support-- at least a plurality of it --will be necessary.

Homeschooling can be now done through the computer. Find the best teacher of a thing (only like one per town or whatever) and have them teach EVERYONE one else through making a video class. That is better than warehousing 30 brats in a pecking order in some classroom.


The whole regime of western culture needs to be ousted. (And trust me it is men. Dumb brunette males en masse; they're in everything.)

The repubs will not stop any of this. That is a false hope. And not enough people will vote for 3rd party "independents".


Feminsim /liberalism all goes away once the so called right understands that killing is good; Abortion is good; eugenics is good; so called darwinism is rightist and good; fascist-socialism is good; that we come from a "patriarchy of the past" made matriarchal through technology-civilization-jebus cult-capitalism-"growth"-democracy.

Until that understanding happens, there is no reason for the BETTER MEN to lead anyone.

So back to masturbating to the internet.

Death to democracy.

Testing and sterilization.


Child brides.

I very much believe the age of "consent" should be lowered to historical levels for females. (Puberty.)

That is the only real way to stop feminism [and the feminists know that], since feminism is simply the inevitable results of females "maturing" in this culture of effete git males. (Ie civilization.)

[And the feminists know that too.]

The fact that you types don't understand that or advocate that says all ones needs to know about how you will never, ever, never --in million, gazillion --years ever stop feminism. Ever. Even if you clammer for a tax break everyday 24/7 super loud you won't stop feminism.

And you know why? 'Cause you are retarded for genetic reasons. It is what civilization breeds for. If not for civi your ilk--all of you-- would be long dead in battle over breeding rights. [And the feminists kinda get that too... Though they really only one mindedly understand gender stuff, then they fall right off the cliff of insight.]


We should have arranged marriage again. "Sympathetic romance" is another failed Euro invented policy, going back almost ages (in some quarters).

=========== woman deserves to be beaten"

Wrong. And 'beaten' is interesting choice of words.


You don't believe in killing an enemy that is enslaving you?


Magic won't work. Because magic/god aint real.

But loopy fems think magic is real. And therefore having them think we are using magic against them will work. Ie made-obvious spells towards them will work. (Note witches hate you wearing black and red.)

(God is less real than magic; ie it is possible to have a mystical plane of activity without any of our god beliefs being real.)


If at that time "we" don't advocate a strong state _purposly and vehemently suppressing certain freedoms and classes/breeds,_ we will be right here again.


I say we support feminist's goal of dismantling the _american_ R&D community.

The men in power know that it is suicide to play games with US R&D science tech. So they diverted the females away from it. They patted wimmins on the head.

I say we join forces with our "sisters" and expose the sexist congress for marginalizing the females and their important "equality in science & tech" agenda at once!

Then we can move on to helping females become most the of the military too. It is more than about time!

When will this outrage against wimmins end?!!

Call your congressthing now!!

More wimmin in the military and police now!

Make the west put up or shut up...

Betcha can't...


Christianity and anti feminism are NOT synonymous. Feminism means feminism nothing more and nothing less.

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