Sunday, January 2, 2011

Useful idiots of conservatism

Late soviet Russia etc and China etc were more to the right on feminism, immigration, homosexuality than america and britain ever were. I defy any of you to demonstrate otherwise.

(Please teach me. But don't bother publishing some pages from some books written a century (or whenever) ago about the goals of a marxist revolution. Also note that if conservatives consider the marxist revolution bad then why do they advocate democracy and all the enlightenment claptrap _since that stuff is the slippery slope "road to socialism"?_ And why did they fight the "fascists"?

Democracy trends inevitably lead to "marxist" social reforms, as history has seen through the 'american 20th century'. Even if that is unintended (ie not part of 'the book's' american revolutionary goals), it is none the less the way it went down.)

The reasons later Russ etc and China etc were to the right of western conservatives are probably that Soviet military comportment for males and the way those nations fought during the mid 20th century; and also lack of techno growth. That had some kind of UNintended consequence on their "group psychology" --it 'hardened' them-- which then led to swatting the female/liberal humping dog off soviet society's leg.

What "conservatives" lens through when looking at political issues is whether or not an area has jesus cult (or "feotal rights"), techno growth(which is the root of liberalism BTW) and some undefined political euphemism (ie politico stump trick) called "freedom for the people." ("freedom for the people:" ie radical fringe liberalism of the past ...before conservatives imbibe it as "common wisdom".)

And that lens is caused by simple instinctual nationalist impulse --like a guard dog who barks at 'other' on instinct. Ie no real thought or big picture --just a dog brain howling, looking to keep other dogs "out". That instinct conservatives have is why they are ALWAYS used as "useful idiots" by western cosmopolitan liberalism (ie feminism and etc academic and social revolutions).

To see how the western conservatives are simply the military wing and wallet of snowballing social liberalism [which is NOT "progressive"--rather cult like actually], one need look no further than the west's war on moslem countries now. That is an example of how the above phenom of 'inevitable acceptance of fringe liberalism as Common Wisdom and then becoming a useful idiot' has always worked.

High liberals are going to have to wake up to the fact that people are not equal inherently (bred to be feudal serfs actually) and their different nurture syndromes just make that truth worse. And 2-) that the western "rights machine" (more a business now) has thrown people under the bus -- through phenomena that should be understandable to high liberal types since they use complexity based, psychobabble understandings in other cases when it suits their purposes. Also further wake up to the fact that liberalism doesn't achieve its original stated goals.

(Not to mention much of the 'rights machine' was dis ingenuously motivated by and vectored in by savvy middle brow immigrants.)

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